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Genotoxicity of olefins

​Within the framework of the study of the mutagenic properties of olefins and their epoxy derivatives - a multi-year research program funded by the chemical industry - we have synthesized DNA probes with defined alkylated lesions (reaction products with ethylene and propylene oxide, compounds widely used in the chemical industry) 

Published on 20 April 2009
Are these lesions blocking DNA replication, and therefore lethal to the cell, or not? And if not, are they mutagenic? In collaboration with the University of Aix-Marseille, these probes were transfected into cells in culture. It was shown that lesions due to small adducts (methyl) were efficiently repaired, while larger adducts (hydroxyethyl and above) created highly mutagenic lesions.

609 The  O6-hydroxyethylGuanine lesion.

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