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Proceedings at RICC

Published on 8 December 2018
Near-Field Scanning Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy of Wigner Molecules
Mintairov AM, Kapaldo J, Merz JL, Rouvimov S, Kalyygniy N, Mintairov SA, Nekrasov S, Saly R, Vlasov AS and Blundell S
AIP Conference Proceedings 1748 (2016) 020001


A simple method for the preparation of bio-inspired nickel bisdiphosphine hydrogen-evolving catalysts
Jane RT, Tran PD, Andreiadis ES, Pecaut J and Artero V
Comptes Rendus Chimie 18 (2015) 752-757
HAL <hal-01206526>

New approach to closely-spaced disordered cobalt-graphene nanocomposites for non-conductive ferromagnetic films: from local structure to radio-electric properties
Takacs H, Herman V, Viala B, Alarcon Ramos J, Tortai J-H, Duclairoir F and Ieee
Proceedings of the IEEE International Magnetics Conference INTERMAG 2015 (2015) 7157080


Design of intrahepatocyte copper(I) chelators as drug candidates for Wilson's disease
Gateau C and Delangle P
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1315 (2014) 30-36

Strong Intermolecular Exciton Couplings in Solid-State Circular Dichroism of Aryl Benzyl Sulfoxides
Padula D, Di Pietro S, Capozzi MAM, Cardellicchio C and Pescitelli G
Chirality 26 (2014) 462-470


Rational design of lanthanide binding peptides
Ancel L, Niedzwiecka A, Lebrun C, Gateau C and Delangle P
Comptes Rendus Chimie 16 (2013) 515-523

Luminescent terbium/europium chelates-based silica nanoparticles: Stability and incorporation efficiency measured by radioactive probe
Wartenberg N, Raccurt O, Imbert D, Mazzanti M, Bourgeat-Lami E
Proceedings of the 15th annual NSTI Nanotechnology Conference 1 (2012) 488-490


Magnetic anisotropy of (Ge,Mn) nanostructures
Jain A, Jamet M, Barski A, Devillers T, Yu IS, Porret C, Gambarelli S, Maurel V, Desfonds G, Jacquot JF
Journal of Physics Conference Series 292 (2011) 012011

Advanced X-ray absorption/emission spectroscopic tool for actinide speciation
Vitova T, Denecke MA, Löble M, Dardenne K, Rothe J, Geckeis H, Kvashnina K, Vegelius J, Butorin SM, Nocton G, Mazzanti M, Seibert A, Caciuffo R, Denning RG
Plutonium Futures - The Science 2010 (2011) 220-221

NMR's contribution to actinide complexes in solution
Berthon C, Delangle P, Moisy P, Charbonnel MC, Heitzmann M, Nikitenko SI, Bosse E, Grigoriev MS
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 9 (2010) 012058

From atomistic to device level investigation of hybrid redox molecular/silicon field-effect memory devices
Buckley J, Pro T, Barattin R, Calborean A, Huang K, Aiello V, Nicotra G, Gély M, Delapierre G, Jalaguier E, Duclairoir F, Chevalier N, Mariolle D, Spinella C, Lombardo S, Blaise P, Maldivi P, Ghibaudo G, Baptist R, De Salvo B
Proceedings of IEEE International Memory Workshop IMW '09 (2009)

Study of Ferrocene/Silicon hybrid memories: influence of the chemical linkers and device thermal stability
Pro T, Buckley J, Barattin R, Calborean A, Gely M, Huang K, Delapierre G, Duclairoir F, Jalaguier E, Maldivi P, De Salvo B, Deleonibus S, Ghibaudo G
Proceedings of ESSDERC (2008) 226-229

Electrochemically induced motion in copper complexes of tetraferrocene-cyclam
Callegari V, Bucher C, Moutet JC, Royal G, Saint-Aman E, Pecaut J
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 9 (2005) 758-763