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Chemical characterization

Published on 2 November 2022
     Direct injection mass spectrometer
CIBEST operates, for its own research projects as well as in collaborative works, a Thermofisher scientific ESI LXQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer. This apparatus allows direct injection of 0.1 to 1mM solution with a flow rate of 1µL to 1mL per min. It is then able to detect m/z ration of 15 – 200, 50 – 2000, 100 – 4000, depending on the different modes (low, normal and high masses). For high charged ions, a resolution of 0.05 uma could be reached using UltraZoom scan mode. Fragmentation of parent ion MSn is possible for 1<n<10.

Electrospray ionization is a soft method to analyze organic molecules but also complexes. Positive or negative ions are detected as an isotopic massif. The shape of the massif is related to the composition (formulae) of the compound whereas the space between pics of a massif gives the charge of the ion.
A liquid chromatography system can also be coupled to the mass spectrometer.

     Spectroscopic characterization
The chemistry laboratories are equipped with all classical spectrometers based on UV-visible absorption, IR absorption, fluorescence and circular dichroism.