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Research topics of the team

Published on 2 November 2022
Studying the toxicity of a large variety of physical and chemical agents
     Nuclear toxicology
     Toxicity of metals
     Toxic chemicals
     Toxicity of nanomaterials
     UV radiations and photobiology
     Ionizing radiations and radiobiology

Deciphering toxicity mechanisms
     Oxidative stress
     Interaction metals/peptides
     UV and DNA damage
     DNA adducts
     DNA Repair
     DNA Epigenetic modifications
     Advanced cellular models
     Mixture effects

Improving Human health
     Copper chelators and Wilson’s Disease
     Bioinspired Ni-SOD models
     Radiosensitization and cancer
     Magnetic nanoparticles for health
     Safer-by-design nanoparticles
     Exposure biomarkers