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BIOhybrid MAterial Design Engineering

The BIOMADE platform

Published on 27 October 2022

The BIOMADE platform (BIOhybrid MAterial Design Engineering), created as part of the Minatec-Labs action of our institute, was started in autumn 2016. This laboratory, supported by the CPER, the Nanosciences program and the Phare A3DN project, is linked to the SyMMES / CREAB. Its activity is dedicated to the engineering of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, structural analogues) and their insertion into hybrid 2D / 3D architectures after conjugation with organic molecules, biomolecules, polymers or even nano- and microparticles. 
See the French description of Biomade.

CREAB team visiting BIOMADE.

Didier Gasparutto Phone: 04 38 78 45 48 or 66 24
Christine Saint-Pierre Phone: 04 38 78 32 65 or 66 24 (Biography)

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