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Publications of the team in 2017

Published on 4 February 2020

Single-shot full strain tensor determination with microbeam X-ray Laue diffraction and a two-imensional energy-dispersive detector
Abboud A, Kirchlechner C, Keckes J, Nurdan TC, Send S, Micha J-S, Ulrich O, Hartmann R, Strueder L and Pietsch U
Journal of Applied Crystallography 50 (2017) 901-908

A synthetic redox biofilm made from metalloprotein-prion domain chimera nanowires
Altamura L, Horvath C, Rengaraj S, Rongier A, Elouarzaki K, Gondran C, Macon ALB, Vendrely C, Bouchiat V, Fontecave M, et al.
Nature Chemistry 9 (2017) 157-163
HAL <hal-01617954>

Full elastic strain tensor determination at the phase scale in a powder metallurgy nickel-based superalloy using X-ray Laue microdiffraction
Altinkurt G, Fevre M, Robach O, Micha J-S, Geandier G and Dehmas M
Journal of Applied Crystallography 50 (2017) 1754-1765
HAL <hal-01654602>

Plasma Heavily Nitrogen-Doped Vertically Oriented Graphene Nanosheets (N-VOGNs) for High Volumetric Performance On-Chip Supercapacitors in Ionic Liquid
Aradilla D, Delaunay M, Buhagiar M, Aldakov D, Faure-Vincent J, Okuno H, Gerard J-M and Bidan G
Current Smart Materials E-pub Ahead of Print (2017)

Powering electrodes for high performance aqueous micro-supercapacitors: Diamond-coated silicon nanowires operating at a wide cell voltage of 3 V
Aradilla D, Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Mueller-Sebert W, Gentile P, Pouget S, Nebel CE and Bidan G
Electrochimica Acta 242 (2017) 173-179

Phosphonic acid functionalized poly(pentafluorostyrene) as polyelectrolyte membrane for fuel cell application
Atanasov V, Oleynikov A, Xia J, Lyonnard S and Kerres J
Journal of Power Sources 343 (2017) 364-372

One-step synthesis of highly reduced graphene hydrogels for high power supercapacitor applications
Banda H, Aradilla D, Benayad A, Chenavier Y, Daffos B, Dubois L and Duclairoir F
Journal of Power Sources 360 (2017) 538-547

Water sub-diffusion in membranes for fuel cells
Berrod Q, Hanot S, Guillermo A, Mossa S and Lyonnard S
Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 8326

Direct Evidence of Chlorine-Induced Preferential Crystalline Orientation in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskites Grown on TiO2
Bouchard M, Hilhorst J, Pouget S, Alam F, Mendez M, Djurado D, Aldakov D, Schulli T and Reiss P
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (2017) 7596-7602

Method to determine radiative and non-radiative defects applied to AgInS2-ZnS luminescent nanocrystals
Chevallier T, Benayad A, Le Blevennec G and Chandezon F
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2017) 2368-2372

Dynamics of altered surface layer formation on dissolving silicates
Daval D, Bernard S, Remusat L, Wild B, Guyot F, Micha JS, Rieutord F, Magnin V and Fernandez-Martinez A
Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 209 (2017) 51-69

Unveiling the Ion Conduction Mechanism in Imidazolium-Based Poly(ionic liquids): A Comprehensive Investigation of the Structure-to-Transport Interplay
Delhorbe V, Bresser D, Mendil-Jakani H, Rannou P, Bernard L, Gutel T, Lyonnard S and Picard L
Macromolecules 50 (2017) 4309-4321

Morphology-induced percolation in crosslinked AMPS/Fluorolink for fuel cell membrane application
Festin N, Magana S, Fumagalli M, Chikh L, Gouanve F, Mareau VH, Gonon L, Lyonnard S, Espuche E, Fichet O, et al.
Journal of Membrane Science 534 (2017) 59-67
HAL <hal-01648972>

Atomic Layer Deposition Alumina-Passivated Silicon Nanowires: Probing the Transition from Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitor to Electrolytic Capacitor
Gaboriau D, Boniface M, Valero A, Aldakov D, Brousse T, Gentile P and Sadki S
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (2017) 13761-13769
HAL <hal-01720979>

Dithienylpyrazine-based photosensitizers: Effect of swapping a connecting unit on optoelectronic properties and photovoltaic performances
Godfroy M, Aumaitre C, Caffy F, Kervella Y, Cabau L, Pelleja L, Maldivi P, Narbey S, Oswald F, Palomares E, et al.
Dyes and Pigments 146 (2017) 352-360

Growth Mechanism and Surface State of CuInS2 Nanocrystals Synthesized with Dodecanethiol
Gromova M, Lefrancois A, Vaure L, Agnese F, Aldakov D, Maurice A, Djurado D, Lebrun C, de Geyer A, Schulli TU, et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (2017) 15748-15759

Residual stress determination in oxide layers at different length scales combining Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction: Application to chromia-forming metallic alloys
Guerain M, Grosseau-Poussard JL, Geandier G, Panicaud B, Tamura N, Kunz M, Dejoie C, Micha JS, Thiaudière D and Goudeau P
Journal of Applied Physics 122 (2017) 195105

All-Polymeric Flexible Transparent Heaters
Gueye MN, Carella A, Demadrille R and Simonato J-P
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (2017) 27250-27256

Mechanical behaviour near grain boundaries of He-implanted UO2 ceramic polycrystals
Ibrahim M, Castelier E, Palancher H, Bornert M, Care S and Micha JS
Journal of Nuclear Materials 483 (2017) 13-20

From an Enhanced Understanding to Commercially Viable Electrodes: The Case of PTCLi4 as Sustainable Organic Lithium-Ion Anode Material
Iordache A, Bresser D, Solan S, Retegan M, Bardet M, Skrzypski J, Picard L, Dubois L and Gutel T
Advanced Sustainable Systems 1 (2017) 1600032

Side chain engineering of organic sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells: a strategy to improve performances and stability
Joly D, Godfroy M, Pelleja L, Kervella Y, Maldivi P, Narbey S, Oswald F, Palomares E and Demadrille R
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (2017) 6122-6130

A representative and comprehensive review of the electrical and thermal properties of polymer composites with carbon nanotube and other nanoparticle fillers
Jouni M, Djurado D, Massardier V and Boiteux G
Polymer International 66 (2017) 1237-1251
HAL <hal-01649053>

Neutron diffraction study of conducting polyaniline doped with (+/-) camphorsulfonic acid
Kozik T, Sniechowski M, Luzny W, Pron A and Djurado D
Polymer 111 (2017) 148-155

Hybrid Li Ion Conducting Membrane as Protection for the Li Anode in an Aqueous Li-Air Battery: Coupling Sol Gel Chemistry and Electrospinning
Lancel G, Stevens P, Toussaint G, Marechal M, Krins N, Bregiroux D and Laberty-Robert C
Langmuir 33 (2017) 9288-9297

New electrolyte mixture of propylene carbonate and butyltrimethylammonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl) imide (N-1114 TFSI) for high performance silicon nanowire (SiNW)-based supercapacitor applications
Le T, Gentile P, Bidan G and Aradilla D
Electrochimica Acta 254 (2017) 368-374

Dislocation-twin boundary interaction in small scale Cu bi-crystals loaded in different crystallographic directions
Malyar NV, Micha J-S, Dehm G and Kirchlechner C
Acta Materialia 129 (2017) 91-97

Size effect in bi-crystalline micropillars with a penetrable high angle grain boundary
Malyar NV, Micha J-S, Dehm G and Kirchlechner C
Acta Materialia 129 (2017) 312-320

Real time monitoring of water distribution in an operando fuel cell during transient states
Martinez N, Peng Z, Morin A, Porcar L, Gebel G and Lyonnard S
Journal of Power Sources 365 (2017) 230-234

Optimization of hydrophilic/hydrophobic phase separation in sPEEK membranes by hydrothermal treatments
Mendil-Jakani H, Zamanillo Lopez I, Mareau VH and Gonon L
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2017) 16013-16022

A redox active switch for lanthanide luminescence in phenolate complexes
Molloy JK, Jarjayes O, Philouze C, Fedele L, Imbert D and Thomas F
Chemical Communications 53 (2017) 605-608

Quantitative Multi-Scale Operando Diagnosis of Water Localization inside a Fuel Cell
Morin A, Gebel G, Porcar L, Peng Z, Martinez N, Guillermo A and Lyonnard S
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 164 (2017) F9-F21

Controlling Microstructure-Transport Interplay in Highly Phase-Separated Perfluorosulfonated Aromatic Multiblock Ionomers via Molecular Architecture Design
Nguyen H-D, Assumma L, Judeinstein P, Mercier R, Porcar L, Jestin J, Iojoiu C and Lyonnard S
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (2017) 1671-1683

Low-density lipoproteins investigated under high hydrostatic pressure by elastic incoherent neutron scattering
Peters J, Martinez N, Lehofer B and Prassl R
European Physical Journal E 40 (2017) 68

Toward Efficient Solid-State p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: The Dye Matters
Pham TTT, Saha SK, Provost D, Farre Y, Raissi M, Pellegrin Y, Blart E, Vedraine S, Ratier B, Aldakov D, et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (2017) 129-139

Direct measurement of local constitutive relations, at the micrometre scale, in bulk metallic alloys
Plancher E, Favier V, Maurice C, Bosso E, Rupin N, Stodolna J, Loisnard D, Marijon JB, Petit J, Micha J-S, et al.
Journal of Applied Crystallography 50 (2017) 940-948
HAL <hal-01663617>

Insulated Molecular Wires: Sheathing Semiconducting Polymers with Organic Nanotubes through Heterogeneous Nucleation
Raj G, Boulaoued A, Lacava J, Biniek L, Mesini PJ, Brinkmann M, Faure-Vincent J and Guenet J-M
Advanced Electronic Materials 3 (2017) 1600370

Self-Assembly of Carbohydrate-block-Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Diblock Copolymers into Sub-10 nm Scale Lamellar Structures
Sakai-Otsuka Y, Zaioncz S, Otsuka I, Halila S, Rannou P and Borsali R
Macromolecules 50 (2017) 3365-3376

Prospects of Chalcopyrite-Type Nanocrystals for Energy Applications
Sandroni M, Wegner KD, Aldakov D and Reiss P
ACS Energy Letters 2 (2017) 1076-1088

Supramolecular organization of a H-bonded perylene bisimide organogelator determined by transmission electron microscopy, grazing incidence X-ray diffraction and polarized infra-red spectroscopy
Sarbu A, Hermet P, Maurin D, Djurado D, Biniek L, Diebold M, Bantignies J-L, Mesini P and Brinkmann M
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2017) 32514-32525

Thermoplastic/thermoset multilayer composites: A way improve the impact damage tolerance of thermosetting resin matrix to composites
Sonnenfeld C, Mendil-Jakani H, Agogue R, Nunez P and Beauchene P
Composite Structures 171 (2017) 298-305

Operando Raman Spectroscopy and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction of Lithiation/Delithiation in Silicon Nanoparticle Anodes
Tardif S, Pavlenko E, Quazuguel L, Boniface M, Marechal M, Micha J-S, Gonon L, Mareau V, Gebel G, Bayle-Guillemaud P, et al.
ACS Nano 11 (2017) 11306-11316

Nanocomposite Based on Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles and Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone) Membranes: Synthesis and Characterization
Venditti I, Fontana L, Scaramuzzo FA, Russo MV, Battocchio C, Carlini L, Gonon L, Mareau VH and Fratoddi I
Materials 10 (2017) 258