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Publications of the team in 2017

Published on 1 February 2019
(1) Vilanova, B., Fernandez, D., Casasnovas, R., Pomar, A. M., Alvarez-Idaboy, J. R., Hernandez-Haro, N., Grand, A., Adrover, M., Donoso, J., Frau, J., Munoz, F. and Ortega-Castro, J. (2017) Formation mechanism of glyoxal-DNA adduct, a DNA cross-link precursor. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 98, 664-675,

(2) Starck, M., Laporte, F. A., Oros, S., Sisommay, N., Gathu, V., Solari, P. L., Creff, G., Roques, J., Den Auwer, C., Lebrun, C. and Delangle, P. (2017) Cyclic Phosphopeptides to Rationalize the Role of Phosphoamino Acids in Uranyl Binding to Biological Targets. Chemistry-a European Journal 23, 5281-5290,

(3) Skorka, L., Mouesca, J.-M., Gosk, J. B., Puzniak, R., Pecaut, J., Maurel, V. and Kulszewicz-Bajer, I. (2017) Towards enhancing spin states in doped arylamine compounds through extended planarity of the spin coupling moieties. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 6563-6569,

(4) Roy, S., Sharma, B., Pécaut, J., Simon, P., Fontecave, M., Tran, P. D., Derat, E. and Artero, V. (2017) Molecular Cobalt Complexes with Pendant Amines for Selective Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formic Acid. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 3685-3696,

(5) Regnier, V., Planet, Y., Moore, C. E., Pecaut, J., Philouze, C. and Martin, D. (2017) Stable Di- and Tri-coordinated Carbon(II) Supported by an Electron-Rich beta-Diketiminate Ligand. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 56, 1031-1035,

(6) Raibaut, L., Vasseur, W., Shimberg, G. D., Saint-Pierre, C., Ravanat, J.-L., Michel, S. L. J. and Seneque, O. (2017) Design of a synthetic luminescent probe from a biomolecule binding domain: selective detection of AU-rich mRNA sequences. Chemical Science 8, 1658-1664,

(7) Queyriaux, N., Andreiadis, E. S., Torelli, S., Pecaut, J., Veldkamp, B. S., Margulies, E. A., Wasielewski, M. R., Chavarot-Kerlidou, M. and Artero, V. (2017) CuAAC-based assembly and characterization of a ruthenium-copper dyad containing a diimine-dioxime ligand framework. Faraday Discussions 198, 251-261,

(8) Pradas del Real, A. E., Vidal, V., Carriere, M., Castillo-Michel, H., Levard, C., Chaurand, P. and Sarret, G. (2017) Silver Nanoparticles and Wheat Roots: A Complex Interplay. Environmental Science and Technology 51, 5774-5782,

(9) Patra, R., Coin, G., Castro, L., Dubourdeaux, P., Clemancey, M., Pecaut, J., Lebrun, C., Maldivi, P. and Latour, J.-M. (2017) Rational design of Fe catalysts for olefin aziridination through DFT-based mechanistic analysis. Catalysis Science & Technology 7, 4388-4400,

(10) Metral, E., Bechetoille, N., Demarne, F., Rachidi, W. and Damour, O. (2017) 6 Integrin (6(high))/Transferrin Receptor (CD71)(low) Keratinocyte Stem Cells Are More Potent for Generating Reconstructed Skin Epidermis Than Rapid Adherent Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18, 282,

(11) Mesterházy, E., Boff, B., Lebrun, C., Delangle, P. and Jancsó, A. (2017) Oligopeptide models of the metal binding loop of the bacterial copper efflux regulator protein CueR as potential Cu(I) chelators. Inorganica Chimica Acta In Press, Accepted Manuscript,

(12) Lehmann, S. G., Bourgoin-Voillard, S., Seve, M. and Rachidi, W. (2017) Tubulin Beta-3 Chain as a New Candidate Protein Biomarker of Human Skin Aging: A Preliminary Study. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2017, 5140360,

(13) Kaur, I., Ellis, L.-J., Romer, I., Tantra, R., Carriere, M., Allard, S., Mayne-L 'hermite, M., Minelli, C., Unger, W., Potthoff, A., Rades, S. and Valsami-Jones, E. (2017) Dispersion of Nanomaterials in Aqueous Media: Towards Protocol Optimization. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE in production

(14) Jobeili, L., Rousselle, P., Beal, D., Blouin, E., Roussel, A.-M., Damour, O. and Rachidi, W. (2017) Selenium preserves keratinocyte stemness and delays senescence by maintaining epidermal adhesion. Aging-US 9, 2302-2315,

(15) Hall, J., Jeggo, P. A., West, C., Gomolka, M., Quintens, R., Badie, C., Laurent, O., Aerts, A., Anastasov, N., Azimzadeh, O., Azizova, T., Baatout, S., Baselet, B., Benotmane, M. A., Blanchardon, E., Gueguen, Y., Haghdoost, S., Harms-Ringhdahl, M., Hess, J., Kreuzer, M., Laurier, D., Macaeva, E., Manning, G., Pernot, E., Ravanat, J.-L., Sabatier, L., Tack, K., Tapio, S., Zitzelsberger, H. and Cardis, E. (2017) Ionizing radiation biomarkers in epidemiological studies - An update. Mutation Research-Reviews in Mutation Research 771, 59-84,

(16) Gromova, M., Lefrançois, A., Vaure, L., Agnese, F., Aldakov, D., Maurice, A., Djurado, D., Lebrun, C., De Geyer, A., Schülli, T., Pouget, S. and Reiss, P. (2017) Growth Mechanism and Surface State of CuInS2 Nanocrystals Synthesized with Dodecanethiol. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 15748-15759,

(17) Goure, E., Senthilnathan, D., Coin, G., Albrieux, F., Avenier, F., Dubourdeaux, P., Lebrun, C., Maldivi, P. and Latour, J.-M. (2017) Redox Self-Adaptation of a Nitrene Transfer Catalyst to the Substrate Needs. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 56, 4305-4309,

(18) Gombeau, K., Bourdineaud, J. P., Ravanat, J. L., Armant, O., Camilleri, V., Cavalie, I., Floriani, M. and Adam-Guillermin, C. (2017) Epigenetic, histopathological and transcriptomic effects following exposure to depleted uranium in adult zebrafish and their progeny. Aquatic Toxicology 184, 14-25,

(19) Douki, T., Von Koschembahr, A. and Cadet, J. (2017) Insight in DNA Repair of UV-induced Pyrimidine Dimers by Chromatographic Methods. Photochemistry and Photobiology 93, 207-215,

(20) Dorier, M., Beal, D., Marie-Desvergne, C., Dubosson, M., Barreau, F., Houdeau, E., Herlin-Boime, N. and Carriere, M. (2017) Continuous in vitro exposure of intestinal epithelial cells to E171 food additive causes oxidative stress, inducing oxidation of DNA bases but no endoplasmic reticulum stress. Nanotoxicology 11, 751-761,

(21) Delorme, R., Taupin, F., Flaender, M., Ravanat, J. L., Champion, C., Agelou, M. and Elleaume, H. (2017) Comparison of gadolinium nanoparticles and molecular contrast agents for radiation therapy-enhancement. Medical Physics 44, 5949-5960,

(22) Dalzon, B., Aude-Garcia, C., Collin-Faure, V., Diemer, H., Beal, D., Dussert, F., Fenel, D., Schoehn, G., Cianferani, S., Carriere, M. and Rabilloud, T. (2017) Differential proteomics highlights macrophage-specific responses to amorphous silica nanoparticles. Nanoscale 9, 9641-9658,

(23) Conte-Daban, A., Boff, B., Candido-Matias, A. C., Montes-Aparicio, C., Gateau, C., Lebrun, C., Cerchiaro, G., Kieffer, I., Sayen, S., Guillon, E., Delangle, P. and Hureau, C. (2017) A Trishistidine Pseudopeptide with Ability to Remove Both Cu-I and Cu-II from the Amyloid-beta Peptide and to Stop the Associated ROS Formation. Chemistry-a European Journal 23, 17078-17088,

(24) Chatelain, L., Tuna, F., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2017) Synthesis and SMM behaviour of trinuclear versus dinuclear 3d-5f uranyl(v)-cobalt(II) cation-cation complexes. Dalton Transactions 46, 5498-5502,

(25) Carriere, M., Sauvaigo, S., Douki, T. and Ravanat, J.-L. (2017) Impact of nanoparticles on DNA repair processes: current knowledge and working hypotheses. Mutagenesis 32, 203-213,

(26) Camp, C., Toniolo, D., Andrez, J., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2017) A versatile route to homo- and hetero-bimetallic 5f-5f and 3d-5f complexes supported by a redox active ligand framework. Dalton Transactions 46, 11145-11148,

(27) Bottero, J. Y., Rose, J., De Garidel, C., Masion, A., Deutsch, T., Brochard, G., Carriere, M., Gontard, N., Wortham, H., Rabilloud, T., Salles, B., Dubosson, M., Cathala, B., Boutry, D., Ereskovsky, A., Auplat, C., Charlet, L., Heulin, T., Frejafon, E. and Lanone, S. (2017) SERENADE: safer and ecodesign research and education applied to nanomaterial development, the new generation of materials safer by design. Environmental Science-Nano, 4, 526-538,

(28) Biola-Clier, M., Beal, D., Caillat, S., Libert, S., Armand, L., Herlin-Boime, N., Sauvaigo, S., Douki, T. and Carriere, M. (2017) Comparison of the DNA damage response in BEAS-2B and A549 cells exposed to titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Mutagenesis 32, 161-172,

(29) Bignon, E., Chan, C.-H., Morell, C., Monari, A., Ravanat, J.-L. and Dumont, E. (2017) Molecular Dynamics Insights into Polyamine-DNA Binding Modes: Implications for Cross-Link Selectivity. Chemistry-a European Journal 23, 12845-12852,

(30) Bettini, S., Boutet-Robinet, E., Cartier, C., Comera, C., Gaultier, E., Dupuy, J., Naud, N., Tache, S., Grysan, P., Reguer, S., Thieriet, N., Refregiers, M., Thiaudiere, D., Cravedi, J.-P., Carriere, M., Audinot, J.-N., Pierre, F. H., Guzylack-Piriou, L. and Houdeau, E. (2017) Food-grade TiO2 impairs intestinal and systemic immune homeostasis, initiates preneoplastic lesions and promotes aberrant crypt development in the rat colon. Scientific Reports 7, 40373,

(31) Bayart, E., Pouzoulet, F., Calmels, L., Dadoun, J., Allot, F., Plagnard, J., Ravanat, J.-L., Bridier, A., Denoziere, M., Bourhis, J. and Deutsch, E. (2017) Enhancement of IUdR Radiosensitization by Low-Energy Photons Results from Increased and Persistent DNA Damage. PLos ONE 12, e0168395,

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