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Publications of the team in 2015

Published on 1 February 2019
(1) Yassine, S., Escoffier, J., Martinez, G., Coutton, C., Karaouzene, T., Zouari, R., Ravanat, J. L., Metzler-Guillemain, C., Lee, H. C., Fissore, R., Hennebicq, S., Ray, P. F. and Arnoult, C. (2015) Dpy19l2-deficient globozoospermic sperm display altered genome packaging and DNA damage that compromises the initiation of embryo development. Mol. Hum. Reprod. 21, 169-185,

(2) Veronesi, G., Gallon, T., Deniaud, A., Boff, B., Gateau, C., Lebrun, C., Vidaud, C., Rollin-Genetet, F., Carrière, M., Kieffer, I., Mintz, E., Delangle, P. and Michaud-Soret, I. (2015) XAS Investigation of Silver(I) Coordination in Copper(I) Biological Binding Sites. Inorganic Chemistry 54, 11688-11696,

(3) Veronesi, G., Aude-Garcia, C., Kieffer, I., Gallon, T., Delangle, P., Herlin-Boime, N., Rabilloud, T. and Carriere, M. (2015) Exposure-dependent Ag+ release from silver nanoparticles and its complexation in AgS2 sites in primary murine macrophages. Nanoscale 7, 7323-7330,

(4) Triboulet, S., Aude-Garcia, C., Armand, L., Collin-Faure, V., Chevallet, M., Diemer, H., Gerdil, A., Proamer, F., Strub, J. M., Habert, A., Herlin, N., Van Dorsselaer, A., Carrière, M. and Rabilloud, T. (2015) Comparative Proteomic Analysis of the Molecular Responses of Mouse Macrophages to Titanium Dioxide and Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Unravels Some Toxic Mechanisms for Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in Macrophages. Plos One 10, 1-22,

(5) Taupin, F., Flaender, M., Delorme, R., Brochard, T., Mayol, J. F., Arnaud, J., Perriat, P., Sancey, L., Lux, F., Barth, R., Carrière, M., Ravanat, J.-L. and Elleaume, H. (2015) Gadolinium nanoparticles and contrast agent as radiation sensitizers. Physics in Medicine and Biology 60, 4449-4464,

(6) Starck, M., Sisommay, N., Laporte, F. A., Oros, S., Lebrun, C. and Delangle, P. (2015) Preorganized Peptide Scaffolds as Mimics of Phosphorylated Proteins Binding Sites with a High Affinity for Uranyl. Inorganic Chemistry 54, 11557-11562,

(7) Romero, J. M., Jorge, N. L., Grand, A. and Hernandez-Laguna, A. (2015) Hydrolysis reaction of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. A kinetic and computational study. Chem. Phys. Lett. 639, 57-62,

(8) Premi, S., Wallisch, S., Mano, C. M., Weiner, A. B., Bacchiocchi, A., Wakamatsu, K., Bechara, E. J. H., Halaban, R., Douki, T. and Brash, D. E. (2015) Chemiexcitation of melanin derivatives induces DNA photoproducts long after UV exposure. Science 347, 842-847,

(9) Panitz, C., Horneck, G., Rabbow, E., Rettberg, P., Moeller, R., Cadet, J., Douki, T. and Reitz, G. (2015) The SPORES experiment of the EXPOSE-R mission: Bacillus subtilis spores in artificial meteorites. Int. J. Astrobiol. 14, 105-114,

(10) Onal, E., Ahsen, V., Pecaut, J., Luneau, D. and Hirel, C. (2015) Bromine-lithium exchange as a straightforward method to obtain meso-tetrakis(4-formylphenyl)porphyrin: a versatile intermediate. Tetrahedron Lett. 56, 5157-5160,

(11) Nikitaki, Z., Hellweg, c. E., Georgakilas, A. G. and Ravanat, J.-L. (2015) Stress-induced DNA Damage biomarkers: Applications and limitations. Frontiers in Chemistry 3,

(12) Nikitaki, Z., Hellweg, C. E., Georgakilas, A. G. and Ravanant, J.-L. (2015) Stress-induced DNA damage biomarkers: applications and limitations. Frontiers in Chemsitry 3, 35,

(13) Mouret, S., Wartelle, J., Batal, M., Emorine, S., Bertoni, M., Poyot, T., Clery-Barraud, C., El Bakdouri, N., Peinnequin, A., Douki, T. and Boudry, I. (2015) Time course of skin features and inflammatory biomarkers after liquid sulfur mustard exposure in SKH-1 hairless mice. Toxicology Letters 232, 68-78,

(14) Morell, C., Tognetti, V., Bignon, E., Dumont, E., Hernandez-Haro, N., Herrera, B., Grand, A., Gutierrez-Oliva, S., Joubert, L., Toro-Labbe, A. and Chermette, H. (2015) Insights into the chemical meanings of the reaction electronic flux. Theor. Chem. Acc. 134, 1-7,

(15) Mihalcescu, I., Van-Gateau, M., Chelli, B., Pinel, C. and Ravanat, J.-L. (2015) Green autofluorescence, a double edged monitoring tool for bacterial growth and activity in micro-plates. Physical Biology 12, 066016,

(16) Martinez-Araya, J. I., Grand, A. and Glossman-Mitnik, D. (2015) Towards the rationalization of catalytic activity values by means of local hyper-softness on the catalytic site: a criticism about the use of net electric charges. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17, 29764-29775,

(17) Martin-Diaconescu, V., Gennari, M., Gerey, B., Tsui, E., Kanady, J., Tran, R., Pecaut, J., Maganas, D., Krewald, V., Goure, E., Duboc, C., Yano, J., Agapie, T., Collomb, M. N. and DeBeer, S. (2015) Ca K-Edge XAS as a Probe of Calcium Centers in Complex Systems. Inorganic Chemistry 54, 1283-1292,

(18) Leulmi, S., Chauchet, X., Morcrette, M., Ortiz, G., Joisten, H., Sabon, P., Livache, T., Hou, Y. X., Carriere, M., Lequien, S. and Dieny, B. (2015) Triggering the apoptosis of targeted human renal cancer cells by the vibration of anisotropic magnetic particles attached to the cell membrane. Nanoscale 7, 15904-15914,

(19) Lebrun, V., Tron, A., Lebrun, C., Latour, J. M., McClenaghan, N. D. and Seneque, O. (2015) Reactivity of a Zn(Cys)(2)(His)(2) Zinc Finger with Singlet Oxygen: Oxidation Directed toward Cysteines but not Histidines. Chemistry-a European Journal 21, 14002-14010,

(20) Jullien, A. S., Gateau, C., Lebrun, C. and Delangle, P. (2015) Pseudo-peptides Based on Methyl Cysteine or Methionine Inspired from Mets Motifs Found in the Copper Transporter Ctr1. Inorganic Chemistry 54, 2339-2344,

(21) Jullien, A. S., Gateau, C., Lebrun, C. and Delangle, P. (2015) Mercury complexes with tripodal pseudopeptides derived from D-penicillamine favour a HgS3 coordination. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2015, 3674-3680,

(22) Jane, R. T., Tran, P. D., Andreiadis, E. S., Pecaut, J. and Artero, V. (2015) A simple method for the preparation of bio-inspired nickel bisdiphosphine hydrogen-evolving catalysts. Cr Chim 18, 752-757,

(23) Jacques, A., Lebrun, C., Casini, A., Kieffer, I., Proux, O., Latour, J. M. and Seneque, O. (2015) Reactivity of Cys(4) Zinc Finger Domains with Gold(III) Complexes: Insights into the Formation of "Gold Fingers". Inorganic Chemistry 54, 4104-4113,

(24) Iali, W., Lanoe, P. H., Torelli, S., Jouvenot, D., Loiseau, F., Lebrun, C., Hamelin, O. and Menage, S. (2015) A Ruthenium(II)-Copper(II) Dyad for the Photocatalytic Oxygenation of Organic Substrates Mediated by Dioxygen Activation. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 54, 8415-8419,

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(27) Goure, E., Carboni, M., Troussier, A., Dubourdeaux, P., Clemancey, M., Gon, N., Balasubramanian, R., Lebrun, C., Pecaut, J., Blondin, G. and Latour, J. M. (2015) Deprotonation in Mixed-Valent Diiron(II, III) Complexes with Aniline or Benzimidazole Ligands. Inorganic Chemistry 54, 6257-6266,

(28) Gombeau, K., Pereira, S., Ravanat, J.-L., Camilleri, V., Cavalie, I., Bourdineaud, J.-P. and Adam-Guillermin, C. (2015) Depleted uranium induces sex- and tissue-specific methylation patterns in adult zebrafish. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 154, 25-33,

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(32) Forestier, A., Douki, T., De Rosa, V., Beal, D. and Rachidi, W. (2015) Combination of A beta Secretion and Oxidative Stress in an Alzheimer-Like Cell Line Leads to the Over-Expression of the Nucleotide Excision Repair Proteins DDB2 and XPC. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16, 17422-17444,

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