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Publications of the team in 2017

Published on 16 July 2019
Andrez, J., Guidal, V., Scopelliti, R., Pecaut, J., Gambarelli, S. and Mazzanti, M. (2017)
Ligand and Metal Based Multielectron Redox Chemistry of Cobalt Supported by Tetradentate Schiff Bases. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 8628-8638.

Banda, H., Aradilla, D., Benayad, A., Chenavier, Y., Daffos, B., Dubois, L. and Duclairoir, F. (2017)
One-step synthesis of highly reduced graphene hydrogels for high power supercapacitor applications. Journal of Power Sources 360, 538-547.

Bouhadoun, S., Guillard, C., Sorgues, S., Herissan, A., Colbeau-Justin, C., Dapozze, F., Habert, A., Maurel, V. and Herlin-Boime, N. (2017)
Laser synthesized TiO2-based nanoparticles and their efficiency in the photocatalytic degradation of linear carboxylic acids. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 18, 805-815.

Burner, P., Sontakke, A. D., Salaun, M., Bardet, M., Mouesca, J.-M., Gambarelli, S., Barra, A.-L., Ferrier, A., Viana, B., Ibanez, A., Maurel, V. and Gautier-Luneau, I. (2017)
Evidence of Organic Luminescent Centers in Sol-Gel-Synthesized Yttrium Aluminum Borate Matrix Leading to Bright Visible Emission. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 56, 13995-13998.

Camp, C., Toniolo, D., Andrez, J., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2017)
A versatile route to homo- and hetero-bimetallic 5f-5f and 3d-5f complexes supported by a redox active ligand framework. Dalton Transactions 46, 11145-11148.

Chatelain, L., Tuna, F., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2017)
Synthesis and SMM behaviour of trinuclear versus dinuclear 3d-5f uranyl(v)-cobalt(II) cation-cation complexes. Dalton Transactions 46, 5498-5502.

Frangou, L., Forestier, G., Auffret, S., Gambarelli, S. and Baltz, V. (2017)
Relaxation mechanism in NiFe thin films driven by spin angular momentum absorption throughout the antiferromagnetic phase transition in native surface oxides. Physical Review B 95, 054416.

Godfroy, M., Aumaitre, C., Caffy, F., kervella, Y., Cabau, L., Pellejà, L., Maldivi, P., Narbey, S., Oswald, F., Palomares, E., Joly, D. and Demadrille, R. (2017)
Dithienylpyrazine-based photosensitizers: Effect of swapping a connecting unit on optoelectronic properties and photovoltaic performances. Dyes and Pigments 146, 352-360.

Goure, E., Senthilnathan, D., Coin, G., Albrieux, F., Avenier, F., Dubourdeaux, P., Lebrun, C., Maldivi, P. and Latour, J.-M. (2017)
Redox Self-Adaptation of a Nitrene Transfer Catalyst to the Substrate Needs. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 56, 4305-4309.

Hong, S., Lu, X., Lee, Y.-M., Seo, M. S., Ohta, T., Ogura, T., Clemancey, M., Maldivi, P., Latour, J.-M., Sarangi, R. and Nam, W. (2017)
Achieving One-Electron Oxidation of a Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(V)-Imido Complex. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 14372-14375.

Iordache, A., Bresser, D., Solan, S., Retegan, M., Bardet, M., Skrzypski, J., Picard, L., Dubois, L. and Gutel, T. (2017)
From an Enhanced Understanding to Commercially Viable Electrodes: The Case of PTCLi4 as Sustainable Organic Lithium-Ion Anode Material. Advanced Sustainable Systems 1, 1-10.

Joly, D., Godfroy, M., Pelleja, L., Kervella, Y., Maldivi, P., Narbey, S., Oswald, F., Palomares, E. and Demadrille, R. (2017)
Side chain engineering of organic sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells: a strategy to improve performances and stability. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5, 6122-6130.

Kathirvelu, V., Perche-Letuvee, P., Latour, J.-M., Atta, M., Forouhar, F., Gambarelli, S. and Garcia-Serres, R. (2017)
Spectroscopic evidence for cofactor-substrate interaction in the radical-SAM enzyme TYW1. Dalton Transactions 46, 13211-13219.

Laczkowski, P., Fu, Y., Yang, H., Rojas-Sanchez, J. C., Noel, P., Pham, V. T., Zahnd, G., Deranlot, C., Collin, S., Bouard, C., Warin, P., Maurel, V., Chshiev, M., Marty, A., Attane, J.-P., Fert, A., Jaffres, H., Vila, L. and George, J.-M. (2017)
Large enhancement of the spin Hall effect in Au by side-jump scattering on Ta impurities. Physical Review B 96, 140405.

Marker, K., Paul, S., Fernandez-de-Alba, C., Lee, D., Mouesca, J. M., Hediger, S. and De Paepe, G. (2017)
Welcoming natural isotopic abundance in solid-state NMR: probing π-stacking and supramolecular structure of organic nanoassemblies using DNP. Chemical Science 8, 974-987.

Mintairov, A. M., Kapaldo, J., Merz, J. L., Vlasov, A. S. and Blundell, S. A. (2017)
Wigner molecules and charged excitons in near-field magnetophotoluminescence spectra of self-organized InP/GaInP quantum dots. Physical Review B 95, 115442.

Nguyen, T. P. T., Krivitsky, L. and Kwek, L. C. (2017)
Coupled mode theory of microtoroidal resonators with a one-dimensional waveguide. Optics Communications 402, 296-301.

Oyarzun, S., Rortais, F., Rojas-Sanchez, J.-C., Bottegoni, F., Laczkowski, P., Vergnaud, C., Pouget, S., Okuno, H., Vila, L., Attane, J.-P., Beigne, C., Marty, A., Gambarelli, S., Ducruet, C., Widiez, J., George, J.-M., Jaffres, H. and Jamet, M. (2017)
Spin-Charge Conversion Phenomena in Germanium. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86, 011002.

Patra, R., Coin, G., Castro, L., Dubourdeaux, P., Clemancey, M., Pecaut, J., Lebrun, C., Maldivi, P. and Latour, J.-M. (2017)
Rational design of Fe catalysts for olefin aziridination through DFT-based mechanistic analysis. Catalysis Science 7, 4388-4400.

Skorka, L., Kurzep, P., Chauvire, T., Dubois, L., Mouesca, J.-M., Maurel, V. and Kulszewicz-Bajer, I. (2017)
High-Spin Polymers: Ferromagnetic Coupling of S=1 Hexaazacyclophane Units up to a Pure S=2 Polycyclophane. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121, 4293-4298.

Skorka, L., Mouesca, J.-M., Gosk, J. B., Puzniak, R., Pecaut, J., Maurel, V. and Kulszewicz-Bajer, I. (2017)
Towards enhancing spin states in doped arylamine compounds through extended planarity of the spin coupling moieties. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 6563-6569.

Sontakke, A. D., Ferrier, A., Burner, P., Guimaraes, V. F., Salaun, M., Maurel, V., Gautier-Luneau, I., Ibanez, A. and Viana, B. (2017)
Afterglow Luminescence in Wet-Chemically Synthesized Inorganic Materials: Ultra-Long Room Temperature Phosphorescence Instead of Persistent Luminescence. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8, 4735-4739.