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A new class of complexes effective in the reduction of CO2

​The valorization of CO2 to yield new carbonated molecules such as CH4 is a worldwide Graal, because of its huge potential in terms of renewable energy, while being a most difficult task. Indeed its reduction necessitates the activation of very stable bonds.

Published on 5 November 2014
The new complex designed by the group of M. Mazzanti at Inac (PhD of Julie Andrez) answers to these issues by a judicious choice of an rich-electron lanthanide coupled to a Lewis acid in an heterobimetallic complex. Meanwhile the steric bulk of the chosen systems allows the release of the reduction products, allowing the implementation of further synthetic cycles. Thus CO2 and CS2 reduction compounds could be isolated and characterized, and several synthetic cycles of reduction with the same complex could be achieved, demonstrating the interest of this system for the future design of lanthanide based catalysts. Such work has been supported by a DSM-Energie project and by the NUMA ANR.

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