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Publié le 28 janvier 2022
Sandrine Lyonnard is currently Research Director (equ. Full Prof) at CEA in Grenoble and deputy head of the Functional Materials Synthesis, Structure and Properties (STEP) lab gathering 20 permanent staff researchers on energy topics, from photovoltaics to fuel cells and batteries. She is a soft matter physicist specialized in the study of structure-transport interplay in nanostructured, hierarchical and ionic materials. Her research is dedicated to the development of scattering, imaging and spectroscopic ex-situ, in-situ and operando techniques at Large Scale Facilities for the characterization of fuel cell and battery components and systems. She is involved in european large scale initiatives as Battery2030+/BIGMAP and Grenoble Battery HUB, as well as french long-term strategic programs PEPR on Hydrogen and Batteries. She served or is serving in various boards and panels at LSFs, Institut Laue Langevin (Grenoble, France), ISIS (UK), ESRF (Grenoble, France), MZL Centrum (Munich, Germany), SOLEIL (France).

Research Topics
Understanding the structure-transport relationship in ion-conducting materials.
Polymer-based, self-assembled and nanostructured ionic materials.
Mechanisms of solvent/ion transport by Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering (QENS).
Nanostructure of functional materials (interfaces, nanopores, hierarchical structures, aggregates, nanobjects) by Small Angle techniques (SANS/SAXS).

Operando characterization of batteries at Large Scale Facilities (neutron & synchrotron).
Investigation of lithiation, transport and ageing mechanisms in electrodes / electrolytes for Li-ion batteries (model & commercial) by neutron & synchrotron techniques.
High voltage cathodes, Si-based anodes, polymer/hybrid solid-state electrolytes.
Heterogeneities in electrodes (ageing, fast-charging) by spatially-resolved diffraction/scattering (mXRD, 2D SAXS/SANS), imaging and tomography techniques (XCT, NCT, SAXS/WAXS-CT, XRD-CT, Nanoholotomography).
Development of operando standardized cells and multimodal workflows for correlative analysis of materials.

Operando characterization of fuel cells at Large Scale Facilities.
Water management in PEMFC by operando SANS/SAXS, neutron imaging and SAXS/WAXS tomography.
Nanostructural evolution (membranes and catalyst layers) during fuel cell operation.

Main recent publications

Understanding the structure-transport relationship in ion-conducting materials
Nature Materials, 2022, Takeiri, F., Watanabe, A., Okamoto, K., Bresser, D., Lyonnard, S. et al. Hydride-ion-conducting K2NiF4-type Ba–Li oxyhydride solid electrolyte.

ChemSusChem, 2020, 13, 1-8. D. Bresser, M. Leclere, L. Bernard, P. Rannou, H. Mendil‐Jakani, G‐T. Kim, T. Zinkevich, S. Indris, G. Gebel, S. Lyonnard*, L. Picard*. Organic liquid crystals as single‐ion Li+ conductors.

Energy & Environmental Science, b, 11, 3298-3309. Nguyen, H-D. ; Kim, G-T. ; Junli Shi ; Paillard, E. ; Judeinstein, P. ; Lyonnard, S.* ; Bresser, D.* ; Iojoiu, C.* Nanostructured multi-block copolymer single-ion conductors for safer high-performance lithium batteries.

Operando characterization of batteries at Large Scale Facilities (neutron & synchrotron)
Advanced Energy Materials, 2021, 2102694. D. Atkins, E. Capria, K. Edström, T. Famprikis, A. Grimaud,Q. Jacquet, M. Johnson, A. Matic, P. Norby, H. Reichert, J-P. Rueff, C. Villevieille, M. Wagemaker*, S. Lyonnard*. Accelerating battery characterization using neutron and Synchrotron techniques: Toward a multi-modal and multi-scale standardized experimental workflow.

J. Mat. Chem. A, 2021, 9, 4281. S.Tardif *, N. Dufour, J-F. Colin, G. Gébel, M. Burghammer, A. Johannes, S. Lyonnard, M. Chandesris. Combining operando X-ray experiments and modelling to understand the heterogeneous lithiation of graphite electrodes.

Communication Chemistry, 2020, 3, 141. Vorauer, T.; Kumar, P.; Berhaut, C. L.; Chamasemani, F. F.; Jouneau, P.-H.; Aradilla, D.; Tardif, S.; Pouget, S.; Fuchsbichler, B.; Helfen, Lukas; Atalay, S.; Widanage, W. D.; Koller, S.; Lyonnard, S.; Brunner, R*. Multi-scale quantification and modeling of aged nanostructured silicon-based composite anodes.

Energy Storage Materials, 2020, 29, 190-197. C. L. Berhaut, D. Zapata Dominguez, D. Tomasic, C. Vincens, C. Haon, Y. Reynier, W. Porcher, N. Boudet, N. Blanc, G. A. Chahine, S.Tardif, S. Pouget*, S. Lyonnard*. Prelithiation of silicon/graphite composite anodes: Benefits and mechanisms for long-lasting Li-Ion batteries.

ACS Nano, 2019, 13, 10, 11538-11551. Berhaut, C.*; Zapata Dominguez, D. ; Kumar, P. ; Jouneau, P-H. ; Porcher, W. ; Aradilla, D. ; Tardif, S.* ; Pouget, S.* ; Lyonnard, S.*. Multiscale multiphase lithiation and delithiation mechanisms in a composite electrode unraveled by simultaneous operando small-angle and wide-angle X-ray scattering.

Operando characterization of fuel cells at Large Scale Facilities
ACS Energy Lett. 2021, 6, 8, 2742–2749. I. Martens, A. Vamvakeros, N. Martinez, R. Chattot, J. Pusa, M. V. Blanco, E. A. Fisher, T. Asset, S. Escribano, F. Micoud, T. Starr, A. Coelho, V. Honkimäki, D. Bizzotto, D. P. Wilkinson, S. D. M. Jacques, F. Maillard, L. Dubau, S. Lyonnard*, A. Morin*, and J. Drnec*. Imaging heterogeneous electrocatalyst stability and decoupling degradation mechanisms in operating hydrogen fuel cells.

Journal of Power Sources, 2021, 496, 229836. J. Lee, H-D. Nguyen, S. Escribano, F. Micoud, S. Rosinia, A. Tengattini, D. Atkins, G. Gebel, C. Iojoiu, S. Lyonnard, A. Morin*. Neutron imaging of operando proton exchange membrane fuel cell with novel membrane.

ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2019, 2, 12, 8425-8433. Martinez, N; Porcar, L; Escribano, S; Micoud, F; Rosini, S; Tengattini, A; Atkins, D; Gebel, G.; Lyonnard, S.*; Morin, A.* Combined operando high resolution SANS and neutron imaging reveals in-situ local water distribution in an operating fuel cell.