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Publié le 26 novembre 2018

A step forward into hierarchically nanostructured materials for high performance micro-supercapacitors: Diamond-coated SiNW electrodes in protic ionic liquid electrolyte
Aradilla D, Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Mueller-Sebert W, Gaboriau D, Gentile P, Iliev B, Schubert T, Sadki S, Bidan G, et al.
Electrochemistry Communications 63 (2016) 34-38

Designing 3D Multihierarchical Heteronanostructures for High-Performance On-Chip Hybrid Supercapacitors: Poly(3,4-(ethylenedioxy)thiophene)-Coated Diamond/Silicon Nanowire Electrodes in an Aprotic Ionic Liquid
Aradilla D, Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Mueller-Sebert W, Gentile P, Boniface M, Aldakov D, Iliev B, Schubert TJS, Nebel CE, et al.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8 (2016) 18069-18077

Leveraging valuable synergies by combining alloying and conversion for lithium-ion anodes
Bresser D, Passerini S and Scrosati B
Energy and Environmental Science 9 (2016) 3348-3367

Water management in a planar air-breathing fuel cell array using operando neutron imaging
Coz E, Thery J, Boillat P, Faucheux V, Alincant D, Capron P and Gebel G
Journal of Power Sources 331 (2016) 535-543

Polyaromatic ionomers with a highly hydrophobic backbone and perfluorosulfonic acids for PEMFC
Danyliv O, Gueneau C, Iojoiu C, Cointeaux L, Thiam A, Lyonnard S and Sanchez J-Y
Electrochimica Acta 214 (2016) 182-191

Highly Phase Separated Aromatic lonomers Bearing Perfluorosulfonic Acids by Bottom-up Synthesis: Effect of Cation on Membrane Morphology and Functional Properties
Danyliv O, Iojoiu C, Lyonnard S, Sergent N, Planes E and Sanchez J-Y
Macromolecules 49 (2016) 4164-4177

Analysis of the full stress tensor in a micropillar: Ability of and difficulties arising during synchrotron based mu Laue diffraction
Davydok A, Jaya BN, Robach O, Ulrich O, Micha J-S and Kirchlechner C
Materials & Design 108 (2016) 68-75

Integrated experimental and computational approach for residual stress investigation near through-silicon vias
Deluca M, Hammer R, Keckes J, Kraft J, Schrank F, Todt J, Robach O, Micha J-S and Defregger S
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (2016) 195104

Electrolyte-gated organic synapse transistor interfaced with neurons
Desbief S, di Lauro M, Casalini S, Guerin D, Tortorella S, Barbalinardo M, Kyndiah A, Murgia M, Cramer T, Biscarini F, et al.
Organic Electronics 38 (2016) 21-28

Proton Transport in Electrospun Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Membranes: An Illuminating Paradox
Dos Santos L, Marechal M, Guillermo A, Lyonnard S, Moldovan S, Ersen O, Sel O, Perrot H and Laberty-Robert C
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (2016) 594-604

Electrospinning a versatile tool for designing hybrid proton conductive membrane
Dos Santos L, Rose S, Sel O, Marechal M, Perrot H and Laberty-Robert C
Journal of Membrane Science 513 (2016) 12-19

In-situ X-ray mu Laue diffraction study of copper through-silicon vias
Ferreira Sanchez D, Reboh S, Weleguela MLD, Micha J-S, Robach O, Mourier T, Gergaud P and Bleuet P
Microelectronics Reliability 56 (2016) 78-84

Silicon nanowires and nanotrees: elaboration and optimization of new 3D architectures for high performance on-chip supercapacitors
Gaboriau D, Aradilla D, Brachet M, Le Bideau J, Brousse T, Bidan G, Gentile P and Sadki S
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 81017-81027

Sub-diffusion and population dynamics of water confined in soft environments
Hanot S, Lyonnard S and Mossa S
Nanoscale 8 (2016) 3314-3325

The Anion Effect on Li+ Ion Coordination Structure in Ethylene Carbonate Solutions
Jiang B, Ponnuchamy V, Shen Y, Yang X, Yuan K, Vetere V, Mossa S, Skarmoutsos I, Zhang Y and Zheng J
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (2016) 3554-3559

KB scanning of X-ray beam for Laue microdiffraction on accelero-phobic samples: application to in situ mechanically loaded nanowires
Leclere C, Cornelius TW, Ren Z, Robach O, Micha JS, Davydok A, Ulrich O, Richter G and Thomas O
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 23 (2016) 1395-1400

The properties of new epoxy networks swollen with ionic liquids
Leclere M, Livi S, Marechal M, Picard L and Duchet-Rumeau J
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 56193-56204

Polymer translocation through nano-pores in vibrating thin membranes
Menais T, Mossa S and Buhot A
Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 38558

Relation of vibrational excitations and thermal conductivity to elastic heterogeneities in disordered solids
Mizuno H, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Physical Review B 94 (2016) 144303

Cutoff nonlinearities in the low-temperature vibrations of glasses and crystals
Mizuno H, Silbert LE, Sperl M, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Physical Review E 93 (2016) 043314

Elucidating the Impact of Cobalt Doping on the Lithium Storage Mechanism in Conversion/Alloying-Type Zinc Oxide Anodes
Mueller F, Geiger D, Kaiser U, Passerini S and Bresser D
Chemelectrochem 3 (2016) 1311-1319

Size and orientation dependent mechanical behavior of body-centered tetragonal Sn at 0.6 of the melting temperature
Philippi B, Kirchlechner C, Micha JS and Dehm G
Acta Materialia 115 (2016) 76-82

On the Accuracy of Elastic Strain Field Measurements by Laue Microdiffraction and High-Resolution EBSD: a Cross-Validation Experiment
Plancher E, Petit J, Maurice C, Favier V, Saintoyant L, Loisnard D, Rupin N, Marijon JB, Ulrich O, Bornert M, et al.
Experimental Mechanics 56 (2016) 483-492

Structure and dynamics of liquid CS2: Going from ambient to elevated pressure conditions
Skarmoutsos I, Mossa S and Samios J
Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (2016) 154505

Lattice strain and tilt mapping in stressed Ge microstructures using X-ray Laue micro-diffraction and rainbow filtering
Tardif S, Gassenq A, Guilloy K, Pauc N, Osvaldo Dias G, Hartmann J-M, Widiez J, Zabel T, Marin E, Sigg H, et al.
Journal of Applied Crystallography 49 (2016) 1402-1411

The effect of size on the strength of FCC metals at elevated temperatures: annealed copper
Wheeler JM, Kirchlechner C, Micha J-S, Michler J and Kiener D
Philosophical Magazine 96 (2016) 3379-3395

Combining ionic liquid-based electrolytes and nanostructured anatase TiO2 anodes for intrinsically safer sodium-ion batteries
Wu L, Moretti A, Buchholz D, Passerini S and Bresser D
Electrochimica Acta 203 (2016) 109-116


A Raman spectroscopic approach to investigate the production of biodiesel from soybean oil using 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids with intermediate chain length
Abrahamsson J, Andreasson E, Hansson N, Sandstrom D, Wennberg E, Marechal M and Martinelli A
Applied Energy 154 (2015) 763-770
HAL <cea-01569850>

Vertically aligned graphene nanosheets on silicon using an ionic liquid electrolyte: towards high performance on-chip micro-supercapacitors
Aradilla D, Delaunay M, Sadki S, Gerard J-M and Bidan G
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (2015) 19254-19262
HAL <hal-01580614>

An innovative 3-D nanoforest heterostructure made of polypyrrole coated silicon nanotrees for new high performance hybrid micro-supercapacitors
Aradilla D, Gaboriau D, Bidan G, Gentile P, Boniface M, Dubal D, Gomez-Romero P, Wimberg J, Schubert TJS and Sadki S
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (2015) 13978-13985
HAL <hal-01580613>

Effects of Block Length and Membrane Processing Conditions on the Morphology and Properties of Perfluorosulfonated Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Multiblock Copolymer Membranes for PEMFC
Assumma L, Huu-Dat N, Iojoiu C, Lyonnard S, Mercier R and Espuche E
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7 (2015) 13808-13820
HAL <hal-01221131>

Synthesis of partially fluorinated poly(arylene ether sulfone) multiblock copolymers bearing perfluorosulfonic functions
Assumma L, Iojoiu C, Mercier R, Lyonnard S, Nguyen HD and Planes E
Journal of Polymer Science Part a-Polymer Chemistry 53 (2015) 1941-1956
HAL <hal-01221124>

Nanostructure and Transport Properties of Proton Conducting Self-Assembled Perfluorinated Surfactants: A Bottom-Up Approach toward PFSA Fuel Cell Membranes
Berrod Q, Lyonnard S, Guillermo A, Ollivier J, Frick B, Manseri A, Ameduri B and Gebel G
Macromolecules 48 (2015) 6166-6176
HAL <hal-01196205>

Scaling up "Nano" Li4Ti5O12 for High-Power Lithium-Ion Anodes Using Large Scale Flame Spray Pyrolysis
Birrozzi A, Copley M, von Zamory J, Pasqualini M, Calcaterra S, Nobili F, Di Cicco A, Rajantie H, Briceno M, Bilbe E, et al.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 162 (2015) A2331-A2338
HAL <hal-01587148>

Morphology of Supported Polymer Electrolyte Ultrathin Films: A Numerical Study
Borges DD, Gebel G, Franco AA, Malek K and Mossa S
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (2015) 1201-1216
HAL <hal-01587523>

The structural organization of seed oil bodies could explain the contrasted oil extractability observed in two rapeseed genotypes
Boulard C, Bardet M, Chardot T, Dubreucq B, Gromova M, Guillermo A, Miquel M, Nesi N, Yen-Nicolay S and Jolivet P
Planta 242 (2015) 53-68
HAL <hal-01204182>

Proton Diffusion Coefficient in Electrospun Hybrid Membranes by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Dos Santos L, Laberty-Robert C, Marechal M, Perrot H and Sel O
Langmuir 31 (2015) 9737-9741
HAL <hal-01225516>

3D hierarchical assembly of ultrathin MnO2 nanoflakes on silicon nanowires for high performance micro-supercapacitors in Li- doped ionic liquid
Dubal DP, Aradilla D, Bidan G, Gentile P, Schubert TJS, Wimberg J, Sadki S and Gomez-Romero P
Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 09771
HAL <hal-01589960>

Interphase Evolution of a Lithium-Ion/Oxygen Battery
Elia GA, Bresser D, Reiter J, Oberhumer P, Sun Y-K, Scrosati B, Passerini S and Hassoun J
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7 (2015) 22638-22643
HAL <hal-01590245>

X-ray micro Laue diffraction tomography analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell
Ferreira Sanchez D, Villanova J, Laurencin J, Micha J-S, Montani A, Gergaud P and Bleuet P
Journal of Applied Crystallography 48 (2015) 357-364
HAL <hal-01572797>

Fast Water Diffusion and Long-Term Polymer Reorganization during Nafion Membrane Hydration Evidenced by Time-Resolved Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Fumagalli M, Lyonnard S, Prajapati G, Berrod Q, Porcar L, Guillermo A and Gebel G
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (2015) 7068-7076
HAL <hal-01592968>

In vivo measurement of the size of oil bodies in plant seeds using a simple and robust pulsed field gradient NMR method
Gromova M, Guillermo A, Bayle P-A and Bardet M
European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters 44 (2015) 121-129
HAL <hal-01593540>

Hydrogen Bonding and Related Properties in Liquid Water: A Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Guardia E, Skarmoutsos I and Masia M
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (2015) 8926-8938
HAL <hal-01593537>

Water confined in self-assembled ionic surfactant nano-structures
Hanot S, Lyonnard S and Mossa S
Soft Matter 11 (2015) 2469-2478
HAL <hal-01611028>

Laue pattern analysis for two-dimensional strain mapping in light-ion-implanted polycrystals
Ibrahim M, Castelier E, Palancher H, Bornert M, Care S and Micha JS
Journal of Applied Crystallography 48 (2015) 990-999
HAL <hal-01248717>

Safer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries: State of the Art and Perspectives
Kalhoff J, Eshetu GG, Bresser D and Passerini S
Chemsuschem 8 (2015) 2154-2175

On the reversibility of dislocation slip during small scale low cycle fatigue
Kirchlechner C, Imrich PJ, Liegl W, Poernbacher J, Micha J-S, Ulrich O and Motz C
Acta Materialia 94 (2015) 69-77
HAL <hal-01615210>

Hydrophobic networks for advanced proton conducting membrane: Synthesis, transport properties and chemical stability
Magana S, Festin N, Fumagalli M, Chikh L, Gouanve F, Mareau VH, Gonon L, Fichet O and Espuche E
Journal of Membrane Science 494 (2015) 161-173

Inside the structure of a nanocomposite electrolyte membrane: how hybrid particles get along with the polymer matrix
Marechal M, Niepceron F, Gebel G, Mendil-Jakania H and Galiano H
Nanoscale 7 (2015) 3077-3087

Insight into the multiscale structure of pre-stretched recast Nafion (R) membranes: Focus on the crystallinity features
Mendil-Jakani H, Pouget S, Gebel G and Pintauro PN
Polymer 63 (2015) 99-107
HAL <hal-01616556>

Beating the amorphous limit in thermal conductivity by superlattices design
Mizuno H, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 14116

The role of the ionic liquid C(6)C(1)ImTFSI in the sol-gel synthesis of silica studied using in situ SAXS and Raman spectroscopy
Nayeri M, Nygard K, Karlsson M, Marechal M, Burghammer M, Reynolds M and Martinelli A
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2015) 9841-9848

Laue-DIC: a new method for improved stress field measurements at the micrometer scale
Petit J, Castelnau O, Bornert M, Zhang FG, Hofmann F, Korsunsky AM, Faurie D, Le Bourlot C, Micha J-S, Robach O, et al.
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 22 (2015) 980-994
HAL <hal-01191406>

Li+ Solvation in Pure, Binary, and Ternary Mixtures of Organic Carbonate Electrolytes
Skarmoutsos I, Ponnuchamy V, Vetere V and Mossa S
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (2015) 4502-4515

Influence of different perfluorinated anion based Ionic liquids on the intrinsic properties of Nafion (R)
Sood R, Iojoiu C, Espuche E, Gouanve F, Mendil-Jakani H and Lyonnard S
Journal of Membrane Science 495 (2015) 445-456
HAL <hal-01231695>


A new method for polychromatic X-ray mu Laue diffraction on a Cu pillar using an energy-dispersive pn-junction charge-coupled device
Abboud A, Kirchlechner C, Send S, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Pashniak N, Strueder L, Keckes J and Pietsch U
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (2014) 113901

Mechanism of Ionization, Hydration, and Intermolecular H-Bonding in Proton Conducting Nanostructured lonomers
Dalla Bernardina S, Brubach J-B, Berrod Q, Guillermo A, Judeinstein P, Roy P and Lyonnard S
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2014) 25468-25479

X-ray mu-Laue diffraction analysis of Cu through-silicon vias: A two-dimensional and three-dimensional study
Ferreira Sanchez D, Laloum D, Weleguela MLD, Ulrich O, Audoit G, Grenier A, Micha J-S, Robach O, Lorut F, Gergaud P, et al.
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (2014) 163509

Untangling the Condensation Network of Organosiloxanes on Nanoparticles using 2D Si-29-Si-29 Solid-State NMR Enhanced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Lee D, Monin G, Duong NT, Zamanillo Lopez I, Bardet M, Mareau V, Gonon L and De Paepe G
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (2014) 13781-13788

Submicrometer 3D Structural Evidence of Fuel Cell Membrane Heterogeneous Degradation
Maccarini M, Lyonnard S, Morin A, Blachot JF, Di Cola E, Prajapati G, Reynolds M and Gebel G
ACS Macro Letters 3 (2014) 778-783

A new interpretation of SAXS peaks in sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) (sPEEK) membranes for fuel cells
Mendil-Jakani H, Zamanillo Lopez I, Legrand PM, Mareau VH and Gonon L
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (2014) 11228-11235

Acoustic excitations and elastic heterogeneities in disordered solids
Mizuno H, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (2014) 11949-11954

Influence of hygrothermal aging on the gas and water transport properties of Nafion (R) membranes
Naudy S, Collette F, Thominette F, Gebel G and Espuche E
Journal of Membrane Science 451 (2014) 293-304

50 MeV Li3+ ion irradiation effect on structural, electrical, and dielectric properties of PVA-based nanocomposite polymer electrolytes
Prajapati GK and Gupta PN
Ionics 20 (2014) 37-44

Multi-scale X-ray diffraction study of strains induced by He implantation in UO2 polycrystals
Richard A, Castelier E, Palancher H, Micha JS, Rouquette H, Ambard A, Garcia P and Goudeau P
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 326 (2014) 251-255

Comparative Study of Proton Conducting Ionic Liquid Doped Nafion Membranes Elaborated by Swelling and Casting Methods: Processing Conditions, Morphology, and Functional Properties
Sood R, Iojoiu C, Espuche E, Gouanve F, Gebel G, Mendil-Jakani H, Lyonnard S and Jestin J
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2014) 14157-14168


In-situ observation of stress-induced stochastic twin boundary motion in off stoichiometric NiMnGa single crystals
Barabash RI, Kirchlechner C, Robach O, Ulrich O, Micha J-S, Sozinov A and Barabash OM
Applied Physics Letters 103 (2013) 021909

Inhomogeneous Transport in Model Hydrated Polymer Electrolyte Supported Ultrathin Films
Borges DD, Franco AA, Malek K, Gebel G and Mossa S
ACS Nano 7 (2013) 6767-6773

Structure and transport properties of solution-cast Nafion (R) membranes subjected to hygrothermal aging
Collette FM, Thominette F, Mendil-Jakani H and Gebel G
Journal of Membrane Science 435 (2013) 242-252

Influence of the membrane treatment on structure and properties of sulfonated poly(etheretherketone) semi-interpenetrating polymer network
Delhorbe V, Cailleteau C, Chikh L, Guillermo A, Gebel G, Morin A and Fichet O
Journal of Membrane Science 427 (2013) 283-292

Polyelectrolyte/fluorinated polymer interpenetrating polymer networks as fuel cell membrane
Delhorbe V, Reijerkerk SR, Cailleteau C, Bathfield M, Chikh L, Gouanve F, Ogier L, Espuche E, Ameduri B, Vidal S, et al.
Journal of Membrane Science 429 (2013) 168-180

Structure of Membranes for Fuel Cells: SANS and SAXS Analyses of Sulfonated PEEK Membranes and Solutions
Gebel G
Macromolecules 46 (2013) 6057-6066

An alternative pathway for understanding plasticity at the micrometre scale
Kirchlechner C, Motz C, Imrich PJ, Liegl W, Keckes J, Thomas O, Labat S, Micha JS, Ulrich O and Dehm G
ESRF Highligths 2012 (2013) 116

Fractal Inorganic-Organic Interfaces in Hybrid Membranes for Efficient Proton Transport
Maneeratana V, Bass JD, Azais T, Patissier A, Valle K, Marechal M, Gebel G, Laberty-Robert C and Sanchez C
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (2013) 2872-2880

Highlighting a Solid-Like Behavior in RTILs: Trioctylmethylammonium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide TOMA-TFSI
Mendil-Jakani H, Baroni P, Noirez L, Chancelier L and Gebel G
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (2013) 3775-3778

Measuring spatial distribution of the local elastic modulus in glasses
Mizuno H, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Physical Review E 87 (2013) 042306

Elastic heterogeneity, vibrational states, and thermal conductivity across an amorphisation transition
Mizuno H, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
EPL 104 (2013) 56001

A tunable multicolour 'rainbow' filter for improved stress and dislocation density field mapping in polycrystals using X-ray Laue microdiffraction
Robach O, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Geaymond O, Sicardy O, Hartwig J and Rieutord F
Acta Crystallographica Section A 69 (2013) 164-170

A Gadolinium Complex Confined in Silica Nanoparticles as a Highly Efficient T1/T2 MRI Contrast Agent
Wartenberg N, Fries P, Raccurt O, Guillermo A, Imbert D and Mazzanti M
Chemistry-a European Journal 19 (2013) 6980-6983


NMR and X-ray diffraction study of the phases of zirconium phosphate incorporated in a composite membrane Nafion (R)-ZrP
Chabe J, Bardet M, Gebel G
Solid State Ionics 229 (2012) 20-25

Fuel cell rejuvenation of hygrothermally aged Nafion (R)
Collette FM, Thominette F, Escribano S, Ravachol A, Morin A, Gebel G
Journal of Power Sources 202 (2012) 126-133

3 In situ and operando determination of the water content distribution in proton conducting membranes for fuel cells: a critical review
Deabate S, Gebel G, Huguet P, Morin A, Pourcelly G
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (2012) 8824-8847

3 In situ and operando determination of the water content distribution in proton conducting membranes for fuel cells: a critical review
Deabate S, Gebel G, Huguet P, Morin A, Pourcelly G
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (2012) 8824-8847

Fluorohexane network and sulfonated PEEK based semi-IPNs for fuel cell membranes
Delhorbe V, Thiry X, Cailleteau C, Mourier E, Bathfield M, Chikh L, Fichet O, Ameduri B, Mercier R, Vidal S, Augier L, Espuche E, Gouanve F, Gebel G, Morin A
Journal of Membrane Science 389 (2012) 57-66

Investigation of reversible plasticity in a micron-sized, single crystalline copper bending beam by X-ray mu Laue diffraction
Kirchlechner C, Grosinger W, Kapp MW, Imrich PJ, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Keckes J, Dehm G, Motz C
Philosophical Magazine 92 (2012) 3231-3242

Expected and unexpected plastic behavior at the micron scale: An in situ mu Laue tensile study
Kirchlechner C, Imrich PJ, Grosinger W, Kapp MW, Keckes J, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Thomas O, Labat S, Motz C, Dehm G
Acta Materialia 60 (2012) 1252-1258

Impact of gas stoichiometry on water management and fuel cell performance of a sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) membrane
Legrand PM, Morin A, Mareau VH, Gonon L
Journal of Power Sources 206 (2012) 161-170

Neutrons for fuel cell membranes: Structure, sorption and transport properties
Lyonnard S, Gebel G
European Physical Journal-Special Topics 213 (2012) 195-211

Evolution of Water Distribution in PEMFC during On/Off Cycling
Morin A, Xu F, Gebel G, Diat O
Fuel Cells 12 (2012) 156-161

Richness of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers: From Isotropic Phase towards the Identification of Neglected Solid-Like Properties in Liquids
Noirez L, Mendil-Jakani H, Baroni P, Wendorff JH
Polymers 4 (2012) 1109-1124

Strains in light-ion-implanted polycrystals: influence of grain orientation
Richard A, Palancher H, Castelier E, Micha JS, Gamaleri M, Carlot G, Rouquette H, Goudeau P, Martin G, Rieutord F, Piron JP, Garcia P
Journal of Applied Crystallography 45 (2012) 826-833

Proton Conducting Ionic Liquid Doped Nation Membranes: Nano-Structuration, Transport Properties and Water Sorption
Sood R, Iojoiu C, Espuche E, Gouanve F, Gebel G, Mendil-Jakani H, Lyonnard S, Jestin J
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (2012) 24413-24423

Influence of Compressive Stress on the Water Content of Perfluorosulphonated Membranes: A µ-Raman Study
Sutor AK, Huguet P, Morin A, Gebel G, Le TS, Deabate S
Fuel Cells 12 (2012) 162-168

Structural and optical analyses of GaP/Si and (GaAsPN/GaPN)/GaP/Si nanolayers for integrated photonics on silicon
Thanh TN, Robert C, Guo W, Letoublon A, Cornet C, Elias G, Ponchet A, Rohel T, Bertru N, Balocchi A, Durand O, Micha JS, Perrin M, Loualiche S, Marie X, Le Corre A
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (2012) 053521

Multiscale measurements of residual strains in a stabilized zirconia layer
Villanova J, Maurice C, Micha JS, Bleuet P, Sicardy O, Fortunier R
Journal of Applied Crystallography 45 (2012) 926-935


Why Do Certain Glasses with a High Dissolution Rate Undergo a Low Degree of Corrosion?
Cailleteau C, Devreux F, Spalla O, Angeli F, Gin S
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The kinetics of water sorption in Nafion membranes: a small-angle neutron scattering study
Gebel G, Lyonnard S, Mendil-Jakani H, Morin A
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Analysis of strain error sources in micro-beam Laue diffraction
Hofmann F, Eve S, Belnoue J, Micha JS, Korsunsky AM
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In situ analysis of water management in operating fuel cells by confocal Raman spectroscopy
Huguet P, Morin A, Gebel G, Deabate S, Sutor AK, Peng Z
Electrochemistry Communications 13 (2011) 418-422

In Situ mu Laue: Instrumental Setup for the Deformation of Micron Sized Samples
Kirchlechner C, Keckes J, Micha JS, Dehm G
Advanced Engineering Materials 13 (2011) 837-844

Impact of instrumental constraints and imperfections on the dislocation structure in micron-sized Cu compression pillars
Kirchlechner C, Keckes J, Motz C, Grosinger W, Kapp MW, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Dehm G
Acta Materialia 59 (2011) 5618-5626

Dislocation storage in single slip-oriented Cu micro-tensile samples: new insights via X-ray microdiffraction
Kirchlechner C, Kiener D, Motz C, Labat S, Vaxelaire N, Perroud O, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Thomas O, Dehm G, Keckes J
Philosophical Magazine 91 (2011) 1256-1264

NMR 1D-imaging of water infiltration into mesoporous matrices
Le Feunteun S, Diat O, Guillermo A, Poulesquen A, Podor R
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 29 (2011) 443-455

Effective temperature of active complex matter
Loi D, Mossa S, Cugliandolo LF
Soft Matter 7 (2011) 3726-3729

Non-conservative forces and effective temperatures in active polymers
Loi D, Mossa S, Cugliandolo LF
Soft Matter 7 (2011) 10193-10209

The molecular structure of liquid water delivered by absorption spectroscopy in the whole IR region completed with thermodynamics data
Marechal Y
Journal of Molecular Structure 1004 (2011) 146-155

Water crystallization inside fuel cell membranes probed by X-ray scattering
Mendil-Jakani H, Davies RJ, Dubard E, Guillermo A, Gebel G
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Influence of PEMFC gas flow configuration on performance and water distribution studied by SANS: Evidence of the effect of gravity
Morin A, Xu FN, Gebel G, Diat O
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36 (2011) 3096-3109

Hydrolytic degradation of sulfonated polyimide membranes for fuel cells
Perrot C, Gonon L, Marestin C, Gebel G
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Full local elastic strain tensor from Laue microdiffraction: simultaneous Laue pattern and spot energy measurement
Robach O, Micha JS, Ulrich O, Gergaud P
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Sulfonic and Phosphonic Acid and Bifunctional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Membranes and Their Proton Conduction Properties
Sel O, Azais T, Marechal M, Gebel G, Laberty-Robert C, Sanchez C
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Proton Conducting Sulphonated Fluorinated Poly(Styrene) Crosslinked ElectrolyteMembranes
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