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Proceedings du LEMOH

Publié le 25 novembre 2018

Investigating the Nucleation and Growth of Quaternary Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals
Agnese F, Lefrançois A, Pouget S, Vaure L, Makrygenni O, Chandezon F, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Okuno H, Reiss P and Rouviere J-L
Proceedings of the 16th European Microscopy Congress EMC (2016) 91-92


Design of metal/dielectric/nanocrystals core/shell/shell nano-structures for the fluorescence enhancement of cadmium-free semiconductor nanocrystals
Chevallier T, Le Blevennec G and Chandezon F
Proceedings of SPIE 9545 (2015) 95450P

Analysis of carrier transport in photovoltaic structures of P3HT with CdSe nanocrystals
Kažukauskas V, Couderc E, Sakavi?ius A, Nekrošius A, Vertelis V, Reiss P, Djurado D and Faure-Vincent J
Applied Surface Science 334 (2015) 169-173


Electrical Measurements on P3HT:CdSe Blends for Photovoltaic Applications
Kazukauskas V, Sakavicius A, Couderc E, Janonis V, Reiss P, Djurado D and Faure-Vincent J
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 604 (2014) 174-183


Tunable luminescence properties of AgInS2-ZnS and AgInS 2-ZnS@ZnS particles
Chevallier T, Le Blevennec G, De Sousa Nobre S and Chandezon F
Proceedings of SPIE 8807 (2013) 88070X

SnS thin films realized from colloidal nanocrystal inks
De Kergommeaux A, Faure-Vincent J, Pron A, de Bettignies R and Reiss P
Thin Solid Films 535 (2013) 376-379

Fabrication of ZnO/Absorber Heterostructures for Nanostructured Solar Cells
Salazar R, Aldakov D, Bellet D, Puyoo E, Levy-Clement C and Ivanova V
ECS Transactions 53 (2013) 31-48


The role of pressure in the electrical transport of doped plasticized polyanilines
Fier I, Djurado D, Pron A, Travers JP, Walmsley L
Physica Status Solidi C-Current Topics in Solid State Physics 9 (2012) 1208-1209

Characteristics of gellan gum-LiCF3SO3 polymer electrolytes
Noor ISM, Majid SR, Arof AK, Djurado D, Neto SC, Pawlicka A
Solid State Ionics 225 (2012) 649-653


Synthesis of colloidal CuInSe2 nanocrystals films for photovoltaic applications
De Kergommeaux A, Fiore A, Bruyant N, Chandezon F, Reiss P, Pron A, de Bettignies R, Faure-Vincent J
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (2011) S39-S43

Alternating copolymers of oligoarylenes and naphthalene bisimides as low band gap semiconductors: Synthesis, electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical behavior
Gawrys P, Zoltowska A, Zagorska M, Pron A
Electrochimica Acta 56 (2011) 10464-10472

Lipidic composite vesicles based on poly(NIPAM), chitosan or hyaluronan: behaviour under stresses
Pépin-Donat B, Campillo C, Quemeneur F, Rinaudo M, Marques C, Schröder A, Maret G
International Journal of Nano Dimension 2 (2011) 17-23

Compact and highly stable quantum dots through optimized aqueous phase transfer
Tamang S, Beaune G, Poillot C, De Waard M, Texier-Nogues I, Reiss P
Proceedings of SPIE 7909 (2011) 79091B


Impact of the resist properties on the antisticking layer degradation in UV nanoimprint lithography
Francone A, Iojoiu C, Poulain C, Lombard C, Pepin-Donat B, Boussey J, Zelsmann M
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 28 (2010) C6M72-C6M76

Multi-Block Liquid Crystalline Organic Semi-Conductors for organic (opto)electronic applications
Iwan A, Janeczek H, Rannou P
Proceedings of MIPRO 2010 (2010) 1-2


Composite gel-filled giant vesicles: Membrane homogeneity and mechanical properties
Campillo CC, Schroder AP, Marques CM, Pepin-Donat B
Materials Science and Engineering C-Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems 29 (2009) 393-397

Paramagnetic pyrrole-based semiconductor molecular material
Lazerges M, Chane-Ching KI, Aeiyach S, Chelli S, Pepin-Donat B, Billon M, Lombard C, Maurel F, Jouini M
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 13 (2009) 231-238

Electrochemical and Raman spectroelectrochemical investigation of single-wall carbon nanotubes-polythiophene hybrid materials
Pokrop R, Kulszewicz-Bajer I, Wielgus I, Zagorska M, Albertini D, Lefrant S, Louarn G, Pron A
Synthetic Metals 159 (2009) 919-924

Stabilization of Liposomes Against Stress Using Polyelectrolytes: Interaction Mechanisms, Influence of pH, Molecular Weight, and Polyelectrolyte Structure
Rinaudo M, Quemeneur F, Pepin-Donat B
International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization 14 (2009) 667-677

Stabilization of Liposomes by Polyelectrolytes: Mechanism of interaction and Role of Experimental Conditions
Rinaudo M, Quemeneur F, Pepin-Donat B
Macromolecular Symposia 278 (2009) 67-79

Influence of optical excitation on the electric field assisted assembly of CdSe nanorods
Rossitto E, Lecarme O, Latu-Romain L, Berton K, Pinedo-Rivera T, Jiu T, Reiss P, Peyrade D
Microelectronic Engineering 86 (2009) 828-831

Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements of InP/ZnS quantum dots
Thuy PT, Ung TDT, Tran TKC, Phuong LQ, Liem NQ, Li L, Reiss P
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 187 (2009) 012014


Effect of ligand nature on the kinetics and the bio-distribution of quantum dots in mice
Daou TJ, Li L, Reiss P, Josserand V, Texier-Nogues I
Technical Proceedings of the 2008 NSTI Nanotech 2 (2008) 236-239

STM observation of zinc(II) bridled chiroporphyrin molecules on titanium dioxide surface
Inada M, Tanaka S, Suzuki H, Mashiko S, Scifo L, Grevin B, Castaings A, Marchon JC
Thin Solid Films 516 (2008) 2582-2585

Comparison of monomer and polymer resists in thermal nanoimprint lithography
Zelsmann M, Toralla K, De Girolamo J, Boutry D, Gourgon C
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 26 (2008) 2430-2433


Systematic study of the structure of alternate pyromellitimide-PEO copolymers: Influence of the chain flexibility
Djurado D, Curtet JP, Bee M, Michot C, Armand M
Electrochimica Acta 53 (2007) 1497-1502


Hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials: ligand effects
Aldakov D, Chandezon F, De Bettignies R, Firon M, Reiss P, Pron A
European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 36 (2006) 261-265

Comparative study of optoelectronic properties of various Europium complexes used in organic electroluminescent structures
Chakaroun M, Antony R, Demadrille R, Moliton A
Proceedings of the SPIE 6192 (2006) 619221

Disorder effects in "plastic" and highly conducting compounds of poly(aniline)
Djurado D, Sniechowski M, Bee M, Johnson M, Gonzalez MA, Rannou P, Pron A
Macromolecular Symposia 241 (2006) 28-33

Responsive giant vesicles filled with poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) sols or gels
Faivre M, Campillo C, Pepin-Donat B, Viallat A
Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 133 (2006) 41-44

Scanning tunneling microscopy of porphyrin-based molecules on TiO2 surfaces
Inada M, Scifo L, Tanaka S, Grevin B, Suzuki H, Mashiko S
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1 45 (2006) 2103-2105

Conformational studies of self-organized regioregular poly(3-dodecylthiophene)s using non-contact atomic force microscopy in ultra high vacuum condition
Tanaka S, Grevin B, Rannou P, Suzuki H, Mashiko S
Thin Solid Films 499 (2006) 168-173


Random and regioregular thiophene-based copolymers containing oligoaniline side chains: Synthesis, spectroscopic and spectroelectrochemical investigations
Buga K, Pokrop R, Zagorska M, Demadrille R, Genoud F
Synthetic Metals 153 (2005) 137-140

Detection of DNA hybridization by ABEI electrochemiluminescence in DNA-chip compatible assembly
Calvo-Munoz ML, Dupont-Filliard A, Billon M, Guillerez S, Bidan G, Marquette C, Blum L
Bioelectrochemistry 66 (2005) 139-143

CdSe single-nanocrystal-based active optical tips for near-field optics: Towards a nanosource of light
Chevalier N, Nasse MJ, Stark M, Motte JF, Woehl JC, Huant S, Reiss P, Bleuse J, Chandezon F
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 47 (2005) S126-S129

New insight on local electronic transport properties of poly(aniline): A comparative study of oligo(aniline) model compound and polymer using spin dynamics techniques
Payerne R, Rannou P, Djurado D, Genoud F, Travers JP
Synthetic Metals 152 (2005) 193-196

Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystals in the Zn-Se-O system
Quemard G, Reiss P, Carayon S, Bleuse J
Journal of Crystal Growth 275 (2005) e2395-e2402

Structure and dynamics of plast-doped conducting polyaniline compounds
Sniechowski M, Luzny W, Djurado A, Dufour B, Rannou P, Pron A, Bee M, Johnson M, Gonzales M
Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe 13 (2005) 96-99

Viscoelastic response and lift of individual red blood cells and giant vesicles in wall-bounded shear flow
Viallat A, Abkarian M, Faivre M, Pepin-donat B
Biorheology 42 (2005) S1-3

Electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry of rigioregular oligooctylthiophenes
Zak J, Lapkowski M, Guillerez S, Bidan G
Synthetic Metals 152 (2005) 185-188