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Dr. Florence Duclairoir

Phone: +33(0)4-3878-5368
Address: CEA Grenoble
17 avenue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble (France)
Publié le 20 février 2020
University of Grenoble Alpes
Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble,
Department of the Interfaces for Energy, Health and Environment,
Système Moléculaires et nanoMatériaux pour l’Energie et la Santé
Conception d’Architectures Moléculaires et Processus Electronique
ORCID n°: 0000-0003-0257-0501

Current research interest
My fields of interest are centered on the preparation of 3D-graphene scaffolds by functionalization of graphene oxide. I am particularly interested in the tuning of porosity, electrical conductivity and surface properties to trigger and improve the electrical and ionic conductivities of supercapacitor electrodes. I am involved in the bare material characterization steps (XPS, XRD, IR…) and collaborate with institute or outside Grenoble laboratories for the assessment of the electrochemical performances of the graphene-based systems developed. I am part of an on-going ANR project on the use of 3D-graphene scaffold for supercapacitors applications.

I presented my work to various conferences and I am author/co-author of ~35 publications, 6 conference proceedings and 2 patents files. I (co)supervised few interns, postdocs and one PhD student.

Professional History
2011 - present: Permanent researcher in graphene preparation and functionalization at IRIG/DIESE/SyMMES/CAMPE in CEA Grenoble
• Preparation and characterization of graphene oxide and SiC graphene
• Composites preparation with graphene and Si nanostructured systems or Co nanoparticules
• 3D graphene matrix development
• Functionalization of SiC graphene for chemically-gated field-effect transistor development
• Tests of graphene-derived materials for energy related applications mainly supercapacitors
Keywords: epitaxial graphene - graphene oxide – functionalization – characterization - supercapacitors
Supervising: 1 PhD student co-supervised, 2 non-permanent technicians, 5 postdoctoral fellows, 3 Master students, 1 IUT student
Funding: ANR SUGGEST (2016-2020), ANR Grafonics (2011-2014), ANR GrafNStock (2011-2015), 3 x CEA funding (2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2018-2019)
Collaboration: IRIG, LETI, LITEN, IMN, CIRIMAT, Saft, Hutchinson

July 2006-2011: Permanent researcher in surface functionalization at INAC/SCIB/RICC in CEA Grenoble
• Synthesis of unsymmetrical porphyrins
• Si surfaces (bulk and nanowires) functionalization for molecular electronics and surface passivation to enhance photoluminescent properties of 1D Si nanostructures
Keywords: synthesis – Si functionalization – electrochemistry – molecular memories
Supervising: 4 postdoctoral fellows, 1 Licence student, few IUT students
Funding: ANR MEMO (2006-2007), CEA fundings (2008, 2 x 2010)

2004-2006: Post-doc in porphyrin chemistry at the CEA/INAC/SCIB in CEA Grenoble

1999-2003: PhD in supramolecular chemistry at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh

Other activities
• Course on graphene (6h) in the Master 2 Nanochemistry at UGA (2017 and 2018)
• Course on graphene for energy applications (2h) at the 2D School in Grenoble (2018)
• Few ANR projects and internal CEA projects proposals
• Papers related to graphene used in energy applications
• Member of the organizing committee of Surf’Ing Chem (2015)
• Representing DIESE at the surface analysis committee of the Nanocharacterization platform in Minatec (since 2014)
• Member of the electrical energy sub-topic committe of the Lanef labex (since 2019)

Publications from the last 3 years
in bold those I am corresponding author and PhD student is co-author

1. Mery, A., Bernard, P., Valero, A., Alper, J.P., Herlin-Boime, N., Haon, C., Duclairoir, F., Sadki, S., 2019 “A polyisoindigo derivative as novel n-type conductive binder inside Si@C nanoparticle electrodes for Li-ion battery applications” Journal of Power Sources, 420, 9-14.

2. Banda, H., Périé, S., Daffos, B., Taberna, P.-L., Dubois, L., Crosnier, O., Simon, P., Lee, D., De Paëpe, G., Duclairoir, F., 2019 “Sparsely Pillared Graphene Materials for High-Performance Supercapacitors: Improving Ion Transport and Storage Capacity” ACS Nano 13, 2, 1443-1453.

3. Banda, H., Périé, S., Daffos, B., Dubois, L., Crosnier, O., Simon, P., Taberna, P.-L., Duclairoir, F., 2019 “Investigation of ion transport in chemically tuned pillared graphene materials through electrochemical impedance analysis” Electrochimica Acta 296, 882–890.

4. Banda, H., Daffos, B., Périé, S., Chenavier, Y., Dubois, L., Aradilla, D., Pouget, S., Simon, P., Crosnier, O., Taberna, P.-L., Duclairoir, F., 2018 “Ion Sieving Effects in Chemically Tuned Pillared Graphene Materials for Electrochemical Capacitors” Chemistry of Materials 30, 3040–3047.

5. Banda, H., Aradilla, D., Benayad, A., Chenavier, Y., Daffos, B., Dubois, L., Duclairoir, F., 2017 “One-step synthesis of highly reduced graphene hydrogels for high power supercapacitor applications” Journal of Power Sources 360, 538–547.

6. Huder, L., Rinfray, C., Rouchon, D., Benayad, A., Baraket, M., Izzet, G., Lipp-Bregolin, F., Lapertot, G., Dubois, L., Proust, A., Jansen, L., Duclairoir, F., 2016 “Evidence for Charge Transfer at the Interface between Hybrid Phosphomolybdate and Epitaxial Graphene” Langmuir 32, 4774–4783.

7. Kumar, B., Baraket, M., Paillet, M., Huntzinger, J.-R., Tiberj, A., Jansen, A.G.M., Vila, L., Cubuku, M., Vergnaud, C., Jamet, M., Lapertot, G., Rouchon, D., Zahab, A.-A., Sauvajol, J.-L., Dubois, L., Lefloch, F., Duclairoir, F., 2016 “Growth protocols and characterization of epitaxial graphene on SiC elaborated in a graphite enclosure” Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 75, 7–14.

8. Takacs, H., Viala, B., Hermán, V., Tortai, J.-H., Duclairoir, F., Alarcon Ramos, J., Jouneau, P.-H., Okuno, H., Tallec, G., 2016 “Non-conductive ferromagnets based on core double-shell nanoparticles for radio-electric applications” SpringerPlus 5 (1), 496.

9. Takacs, H., Viala, B., Tortai, J.-H., Hermán, V., Duclairoir, F., 2016 “Non -conductive ferromagnetic carbon-coated (Co, Ni) metal/polystyrene nanocomposites films” Journal of Applied Physics 119 (9), 093907.