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In situ observation of crystallographic transformations during (electro)chemical reactions in positive electrode materials

​​​​​​​Vendredi 17 novembre 2023
10:00, Maison Minatec (Chrome 1), Grenoble
Publié le 17 novembre 2023

​Par le Prof. Matteo Bianchini
University of Bayreuth​

In situ diffraction studies can capture transient crystalline phases forming during chemical reactions. Whether the reaction is a chemical solid-state synthesis, or an electrochemical intercalation process within typical active compounds used as battery electrodes, proper sample environments allow nowadays to perform in situ diffraction experiments with high temporal and angular resolution at large scale facilities, and even when using laboratory diffractometers. In both cases, the time-resolved nature of the experiments allows to obtain a greatly increased amount of information. For example, in the synthesis of inorganic materials, reactions often yield non-equilibrium kinetic byproducts instead of the thermodynamic equilibrium phase [1]. On the other hand, often stable compounds cannot be synthesized. To rationalize that, the competition between thermodynamics and kinetics occurring during the process need to be investigated in real time. Fully determining the reaction pathway is a key requirement to achieve the rational synthesis of target materials [2, 3]. In this presentation, I will highlight recent examples from our work applying in situ xray/synchrotron/neutron diffraction to understand the synthesis of relevant industrial compounds such as LiNiO2[4], LiCoO2[5] and doped versions thereof [6,7], as well as some promising positive electrode for sodium-ion batteries. These will be both layered compounds, as well as fluorophosphates of the Na3V2(PO4)2F3-yOy family [8].

En marge de la soutenance de thèse de Thibaut Jousseaume​
Prof. M. Bianchini is one of the world-leading expert in the field of energy storage, particularly Li-ion batteries and their investigations using in situ diffraction techniques (abstract below). Do not miss the exceptional opportunity to hear about his latest results and meet him at Minatec.
Please feel free to widely forward the invitation. The Maison Minatec is accessible by Tram B and entrance to the seminar room is open to public.

Best regards,
​Sandrine Lyonnard & Samuel Tardif
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