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Publications of the team in 2014

Published on 1 February 2019
(1) Triboulet, S., Aude-Garcia, C., Armand, L., Gerdil, A., Diemer, H., Proamer, F., Collin-Faure, V., Habert, A., Strub, J. M., Hanau, D., Herlin, N., Carriere, M., Van Dorsselaer, A. and Rabilloud, T. (2014) Analysis of cellular responses of macrophages to zinc ions and zinc oxide nanoparticles: a combined targeted and proteomic approach. Nanoscale 6, 6102-6114,

(2) Silerme, S., Bobyk, L., Taverna-Porro, M., Cuier, C., Saint-Pierre, C. and Ravanat, J. L. (2014) DNA-Polyamine Cross-Links Generated upon One Electron Oxidation of DNA. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 27, 1011-1018,

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(8) Pereira, S., Malard, V., Ravanat, J. L., Davin, A. H., Armengaud, J., Foray, N. and Adam-Guillermin, C. (2014) Low Doses of Gamma-Irradiation Induce an Early Bystander Effect in Zebrafish Cells Which Is Sufficient to Radioprotect Cells. Plos One 9, 11,

(9) Mougel, V., Chatelain, L., Hermle, J., Caciuffo, R., Colineau, E., Tuna, F., Magnani, N., de Geyer, A., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2014) A Uranium-Based UO2+-Mn2+ Single-Chain Magnet Assembled trough Cation-Cation Interactions. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 53, 819-823,

(10) Meador, J. A., Baldwin, A. J., Pakulski, J. D., Jeffrey, W., Mitchell, D. L. and Douki, T. (2014) The significance of the Dewar valence photoisomer as an ultraviolet radiation induced DNA photoproduct in marine microbial communities. Environmental Microbiology 18, 1808-1820,

(11) Lepais, L., Gaillot-Durand, L., Boutitie, F., Lebreton, F., Buffin, R., Huissoud, C., Massardier, J., Guibaud, L., Devouassoux-Shisheboran, M. and Allias, F. (2014) Fetal thrombotic vasculopathy is associated with thromboembolic events and adverse perinatal outcome but not with neurologic complications: a retrospective cohort study of 54 cases with a 3-year follow-up of children. Placenta 35, 611-617,

(12) Lebrun, V., Tron, A., Scarpantonio, L., Lebrun, C., Ravanat, J. L., Latour, J. M., McClenaghan, N. D. and Seneque, O. (2014) Efficient Oxidation and Destabilization of Zn(Cys)(4) Zinc Fingers by Singlet Oxygen. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 53, 9365-9368,

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(14) Larue, C., Castillo-Michel, H., Sobanska, S., Cecillon, L., Bureau, S., Barthes, V., Ouerdane, L., Carriere, M. and Sarret, G. (2014) Foliar exposure of the crop Lactuca sativa to silver nanoparticles: evidence for internalization and changes in Ag speciation. Journal of Hazardous Materials 264, 98-106,

(15) Lafaye, C., Barbier, E., Miscioscia, A., Saint-Pierre, C., Kraut, A., Couté, Y., Plo, I., Gasparutto, D., Ravanat, J. L. and Breton, J. (2014) DNA binding of the p21 repressor ZBTB2 is inhibited by cytosine hydroxymethylation. Biochemical and Biophysical research Communications 446, 341-346,

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(18) Jullien, A., Gateau, C., Lebrun, C., Kieffer, I., Testemale, D. and Delangle, P. (2014) D-Penicillamine tripodal derivatives as efficent copper(I) chelators. Inorganic Chemistry 53, 5229–5239,

(19) Iordache, A., Maurel, V., Mouesca, J. M., Pecaut, J., Dubois, L. and Gutel, T. (2014) Monothioanthraquinone as an organic active material for greener lithium batteries. J. Power Sources 267, 553-559,

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(21) Guillot, C., Favaudon, V., Herceg, Z., Sagne, C., Sauvaigo, S., Merle, P., Hall, J. and Chemin, I. (2014) PARP inhibition and the radiosensitizing effects of the PARP inhibitor ABT-888 in in vitro hepatocellular carcinoma models. BMC Cancer 14, 10,

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