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Publications of the team in 2015

Published on 16 July 2019
Andrez, J., Bozoklu, G., Nocton, G., Pecaut, J., Scopelliti, R., Dubois, L. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
Lanthanide(II) Complexes Supported by N,O-Donor Tripodal Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, and Ligand-Dependent Redox Behavior. Chemistry-a European Journal 21, 15188-15200.

Bouleau, E., Saint-Bonnet, P., Mentink-Vigier, F., Takahashi, H., Jacquot, J. F., Bardet, M., Aussenac, F., Purea, A., Engelke, F., Hediger, S., Lee, D. and De Paepe, G. (2015)
Pushing NMR sensitivity limits using dynamic nuclear polarization with closed-loop cryogenic helium sample spinning. Chemical Science 6, 6806-6812.

Camp, C., Chatelain, L., Kefalidis, C. E., Pecaut, J., Maron, L. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
CO2 conversion to isocyanate via multiple N-Si bond cleavage at a bulky uranium(III) complex. Chemical Communications 51, 15454-15457.

Camp, C., Chatelain, L., Mougel, V., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
Ferrocene-Based Tetradentate Schiff Bases as Supporting Ligands in Uranium Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry 54, 5774-5783.

Camp, C., Cooper, O., Andrez, J., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
CS2 activation at uranium(III) siloxide ate complexes: the effect of a Lewis acidic site. Dalton Transactions 44, 2650-2656.

Chatelain, L., Pecaut, J., Tuna, F. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
Heterometallic Fe2IIUV and Ni2IIUV Exchange-Coupled Single-Molecule Magnets: Effect of the 3d Ion on the Magnetic Properties. Chemistry-a European Journal 21, 18038-18042.

Chatelain, L., Tuna, F., Pecaut, J. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
A zig-zag uranyl(V)- Mn(II) single chain magnet with a high relaxation barrier. Chemical Communications 51, 11309-11312.

Chauviré, T., Mouesca, J. M., Gasparutto, D., Ravanat, J.-L., Lebrun, C., Gromova, M., Jouneau, P. H., Chauvin, J., Gambarelli, S. and Maurel, V. (2015)
Redox photocatalysis with water-soluble core-shell CdSe-ZnS quantum dots. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 17857-17866.

Du, P., Kreher, D., Mathevet, F., Maldivi, P., Charra, F. and Attias, A. J. (2015)
Surface-Confined Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Molecular Nanocranes for Chemically Lifting and Positioning C60 above a Conducting Substrate. Chemphyschem 16, 3774-3778.

Fernandez-de-Alba, C., Takahashi, H., Richard, A., Chenavier, Y., Dubois, L., Maurel, V., Lee, D., Hediger, S. and De Paepe, G. (2015)
Matrix-Free DNP-Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy of Liposomes Using a Lipid-Anchored Biradical. Chemistry-a European Journal 21, 4512-4517.

Goure, E., Carboni, M., Troussier, A., Lebrun, C., Pecaut, J., Jacquot, J. F., Dubourdeaux, P., Clemancey, M., Blondin, G. and Latour, J. M. (2015)
Phosphoester Hydrolysis: The Incoming Substrate Turns the Bridging Hydroxido Nucleophile into a Terminal One. Chemistry-a European Journal 21, 8064-8068.

Herman, V., Takacs, H., Duclairoir, F., Renault, O., Tortai, J. H. and Viala, B. (2015)
Core double-shell cobalt/graphene/polystyrene magnetic nanocomposites synthesized by in situ sonochemical polymerization. RSC Advances 5, 51371-51381.

Idigoras, J., Godfroy, M., Joly, D., Todinova, A., Maldivi, P., Oskam, G., Demadrille, R. and Anta, J. A. (2015)
Organic dyes for the sensitization of nanostructured ZnO photoanodes; effect of the anchoring functions. RSC Advances 5, 68929-68938.

Joly, D., Pelleja, L., Narbey, S., Oswald, F., Meyer, T., Kervella, Y., Maldivi, P., Clifford, J. N., Palomares, E. and Demadrille, R. (2015)
Metal-free organic sensitizers with narrow absorption in the visible for solar cells exceeding 10% efficiency. Energy Environ. Sci. 8, 2010-2018.

Karimdjy-Moula. M., Tallec, G., Fries, P. H., Imbert, D. and Mazzanti, M. (2015)
Confinement of a tris-aqua Gd(III) complex in silica nanoparticles leads to high stability and high relaxivity and supresses anion binding. Chemical Communications 51, 6836-6838.

Lee, D., Kaushik, M., Coustel, R., Chenavier, Y., Chanal, M., Bardet, M., Dubois, L., Okuno, H., Rochat, N., Duclairoir, F., Mouesca, J. M. and De Paepe, G. (2015)
Solid-State NMR and DFT Combined for the Surface Study of Functionalized Silicon Nanoparticles. Chemistry-a European Journal 21, 16047-16058.

Marker, K., Pingret, M., Mouesca, J. M., Gasparutto, D., Hediger, S. and De Paepe, G. (2015)
A New Tool for NMR Crystallography: Complete 13C/15N Assignment of Organic Molecules at Natural Isotopic Abundance Using DNP-Enhanced Solid-State NMR. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, 13796-13799.

Schmitt, A., Collin, S., Bucher, C., Maurel, V., Dutasta, J. P. and Martinez, A. (2015)
Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of the first water soluble Cu(II)@hemicryptophane complex. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 13, 2157-2161.

Skorka, L., Mouesca, J. M., Dubois, L., Szewczyk, E., Wielgus, I., Maurel, V. and Kulszewicz-Bajer, I. (2015)
Formation of High-Spin States (S=3/2 and 2) in Linear Oligo- and Polyarylamines. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119, 13462-13471.