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Publications de l'équipe en 2016

Publié le 4 février 2020
A step forward into hierarchically nanostructured materials for high performance micro-supercapacitors: Diamond-coated SiNW electrodes in protic ionic liquid electrolyte
Aradilla D, Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Mueller-Sebert W, Gaboriau D, Gentile P, Iliev B, Schubert T, Sadki S, Bidan G, et al.
Electrochemistry Communications 63 (2016) 34-38

Designing 3D Multihierarchical Heteronanostructures for High-Performance On-Chip Hybrid Supercapacitors: Poly(3,4-(ethylenedioxy)thiophene)-Coated Diamond/Silicon Nanowire Electrodes in an Aprotic Ionic Liquid
Aradilla D, Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Mueller-Sebert W, Gentile P, Boniface M, Aldakov D, Iliev B, Schubert TJS, Nebel CE, et al.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8 (2016) 18069-18077

Direct conjugation of antibodies to the ZnS shell of quantum dots for FRET immunoassays with low picomolar detection limits
Bhuckory S, Mattera L, Wegner KD, Qiu X, Wu YT, Charbonniere LJ, Reiss P and Hildebrandt N
Chemical Communications 52 (2016) 14423-14425

Solder-reflow resistant solid-state micro-supercapacitors based on ionogels
Brachet M, Gaboriau D, Gentile P, Fantini S, Bidan G, Sadki S, Brousse T and Le Bideau J
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (2016) 11835-11843

Leveraging valuable synergies by combining alloying and conversion for lithium-ion anodes
Bresser D, Passerini S and Scrosati B
Energy and Environmental Science 9 (2016) 3348-3367

Synthesis, optoelectronic properties and photovoltaic performances of wide band-gap copolymers based on dibenzosilole and quinoxaline units, rivals to P3HT
Caffy F, Delbosc N, Chavez P, Leveque P, Faure-Vincent J, Travers JP, Djurado D, Pecaut J, Grevin B, Lemaitre N, et al.
Polymer Chemistry 7 (2016) 4160-4175

Photoluminescence properties of AgInS2-ZnS nanocrystals: the critical role of the surface
Chevallier T, Le Blevennec G and Chandezon F
Nanoscale 8 (2016) 7612-7620

Water management in a planar air-breathing fuel cell array using operando neutron imaging
Coz E, Thery J, Boillat P, Faucheux V, Alincant D, Capron P and Gebel G
Journal of Power Sources 331 (2016) 535-543

Polyaromatic ionomers with a highly hydrophobic backbone and perfluorosulfonic acids for PEMFC
Danyliv O, Gueneau C, Iojoiu C, Cointeaux L, Thiam A, Lyonnard S and Sanchez J-Y
Electrochimica Acta 214 (2016) 182-191

Highly Phase Separated Aromatic lonomers Bearing Perfluorosulfonic Acids by Bottom-up Synthesis: Effect of Cation on Membrane Morphology and Functional Properties
Danyliv O, Iojoiu C, Lyonnard S, Sergent N, Planes E and Sanchez J-Y
Macromolecules 49 (2016) 4164-4177

Analysis of the full stress tensor in a micropillar: Ability of and difficulties arising during synchrotron based mu Laue diffraction
Davydok A, Jaya BN, Robach O, Ulrich O, Micha J-S and Kirchlechner C
Materials & Design 108 (2016) 68-75

Integrated experimental and computational approach for residual stress investigation near through-silicon vias
Deluca M, Hammer R, Keckes J, Kraft J, Schrank F, Todt J, Robach O, Micha J-S and Defregger S
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (2016) 195104

Electrolyte-gated organic synapse transistor interfaced with neurons
Desbief S, di Lauro M, Casalini S, Guerin D, Tortorella S, Barbalinardo M, Kyndiah A, Murgia M, Cramer T, Biscarini F, et al.
Organic Electronics 38 (2016) 21-28

Proton Transport in Electrospun Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Membranes: An Illuminating Paradox
Dos Santos L, Marechal M, Guillermo A, Lyonnard S, Moldovan S, Ersen O, Sel O, Perrot H and Laberty-Robert C
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (2016) 594-604

Electrospinning a versatile tool for designing hybrid proton conductive membrane
Dos Santos L, Rose S, Sel O, Marechal M, Perrot H and Laberty-Robert C
Journal of Membrane Science 513 (2016) 12-19

Photo-Carrier Multi-Dynamical Imaging at the Nanometer Scale in Organic and Inorganic Solar Cells
Fernandez Garrillo PA, Borowik L, Caffy F, Demadrille R and Grevin B
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8 (2016) 31460-31468

In-situ X-ray mu Laue diffraction study of copper through-silicon vias
Ferreira Sanchez D, Reboh S, Weleguela MLD, Micha J-S, Robach O, Mourier T, Gergaud P and Bleuet P
Microelectronics Reliability 56 (2016) 78-84

High-Resolution Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Imaging of Interface Dipoles and Photogenerated Charges in Organic Donor-Acceptor Photovoltaic Blends
Fuchs F, Caffy F, Demadrille R, Melin T and Grevin B
ACS Nano 10 (2016) 739-746

Silicon nanowires and nanotrees: elaboration and optimization of new 3D architectures for high performance on-chip supercapacitors
Gaboriau D, Aradilla D, Brachet M, Le Bideau J, Brousse T, Bidan G, Gentile P and Sadki S
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 81017-81027

High-resolution noncontact AFM and Kelvin probe force microscopy investigations of self-assembled photovoltaic donor-acceptor dyads
Grevin B, Schwartz P-O, Biniek L, Brinkmann M, Leclerc N, Zaborova E and Mery S
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2016) 799-808

Structure and Dopant Engineering in PEDOT Thin Films: Practical Tools for a Dramatic Conductivity Enhancement
Gueye MN, Carella A, Massonnet N, Yvenou E, Brenet S, Faure-Vincent J, Pouget S, Rieutord F, Okuno H, Benayad A, et al.
Chemistry of Materials 28 (2016) 3462-3468

XPS depth profiling of organic photodetectors with the gas cluster ion beam
Haberko J, Marzec MM, Bernasik A, Luzny W, Lienhard P, Pereira A, Faure-Vincent J, Djurado D and Revaux A
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 34 (2016) 03H119

Sub-diffusion and population dynamics of water confined in soft environments
Hanot S, Lyonnard S and Mossa S
Nanoscale 8 (2016) 3314-3325

Gram-scale carbon nanotubes as semiconducting material for highly versatile route of integration in plastic electronics
Hugot N, Casademont H, Jouni M, Hanifi N, Darchy L, Azevedo J, Derycke V, Simonato J-P, Celle C and Chenevier P
Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 213 (2016) 183-192

The Anion Effect on Li+ Ion Coordination Structure in Ethylene Carbonate Solutions
Jiang B, Ponnuchamy V, Shen Y, Yang X, Yuan K, Vetere V, Mossa S, Skarmoutsos I, Zhang Y and Zheng J
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (2016) 3554-3559

Electrospun materials for solar energy conversion: innovations and trends
Joly D, Jung J-W, Kim I-D and Demadrille R
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (2016) 10173-10197

KB scanning of X-ray beam for Laue microdiffraction on accelero-phobic samples: application to in situ mechanically loaded nanowires
Leclere C, Cornelius TW, Ren Z, Robach O, Micha JS, Davydok A, Ulrich O, Richter G and Thomas O
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 23 (2016) 1395-1400

The properties of new epoxy networks swollen with ionic liquids
Leclere M, Livi S, Marechal M, Picard L and Duchet-Rumeau J
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 56193-56204

Direct Synthesis of Highly Conductive tert-Butylthiol-Capped CuInS2 Nanocrystals
Lefrancois A, Pouget S, Vaure L, Lopez-Haro M and Reiss P
Chemphyschem 17 (2016) 654-659

Compact quantum dot-antibody conjugates for FRET immunoassays with subnanomolar detection limits
Mattera L, Bhuckory S, Wegner KD, Qiu X, Agnese F, Lincheneau C, Senden T, Djurado D, Charbonniere LJ, Hildebrandt N, et al.
Nanoscale 8 (2016) 11275-11283

Polymer translocation through nano-pores in vibrating thin membranes
Menais T, Mossa S and Buhot A
Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 38558

Exploring Redox States, Doping and Ordering of Electroactive Star-Shaped Oligo(aniline)s
Mills BM, Fey N, Marszalek T, Pisula W, Rannou P and Faul CFJ
Chemistry-a European Journal 22 (2016) 16948-16954

Relation of vibrational excitations and thermal conductivity to elastic heterogeneities in disordered solids
Mizuno H, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Physical Review B 94 (2016) 144303

Cutoff nonlinearities in the low-temperature vibrations of glasses and crystals
Mizuno H, Silbert LE, Sperl M, Mossa S and Barrat J-L
Physical Review E 93 (2016) 043314

Sensitisation of visible and NIR lanthanide emission by InPZnS quantum dots in bi-luminescent hybrids
Molloy JK, Lincheneau C, Karimdjy MM, Agnese F, Mattera L, Gateau C, Reiss P, Imbert D and Mazzanti M
Chemical Communications 52 (2016) 4577-4580

Elucidating the Impact of Cobalt Doping on the Lithium Storage Mechanism in Conversion/Alloying-Type Zinc Oxide Anodes
Mueller F, Geiger D, Kaiser U, Passerini S and Bresser D
Chemelectrochem 3 (2016) 1311-1319

Efficient eco-friendly inverted quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Park J, Sajjad MT, Jouneau P-H, Ruseckas A, Faure-Vincent J, Samuel IDW, Reiss P and Aldakov D
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (2016) 827-837

Size and orientation dependent mechanical behavior of body-centered tetragonal Sn at 0.6 of the melting temperature
Philippi B, Kirchlechner C, Micha JS and Dehm G
Acta Materialia 115 (2016) 76-82

On the Accuracy of Elastic Strain Field Measurements by Laue Microdiffraction and High-Resolution EBSD: a Cross-Validation Experiment
Plancher E, Petit J, Maurice C, Favier V, Saintoyant L, Loisnard D, Rupin N, Marijon JB, Ulrich O, Bornert M, et al.
Experimental Mechanics 56 (2016) 483-492

Nanobodies and Antibodies for Duplexed EGFR/HER2 Immunoassays Using Terbium-to-Quantum Dot FRET
Qiu X, Wegner KD, Wu YT, van Bergen en Henegouwen PMP, Jennings TL and Hildebrandt N
Chemistry of Materials 28 (2016) 8256-8267

Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanocrystals, Focusing on Nontoxic and Earth-Abundant Materials
Reiss P, Carriere M, Lincheneau C, Vaure L and Tamang S
Chemical Reviews 116 (2016) 10731-10819

Equal variations of the Fermi level and work function in graphene at the nanoscale
Samaddar S, Coraux J, Martin SC, Grevin B, Courtois H and Winkelmann CB
Nanoscale 8 (2016) 15162-15166

Designing intrinsically photostable low band gap polymers: a smart tool combining EPR spectroscopy and DFT calculations
Silva HS, Dominguez IF, Perthue A, Topham PD, Bussiere P-O, Hiorns RC, Lombard C, Rivaton A, Begue D and Pepin-Donat B
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (2016) 15647-15654

Structure and dynamics of liquid CS2: Going from ambient to elevated pressure conditions
Skarmoutsos I, Mossa S and Samios J
Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (2016) 154505

Chemistry of InP Nanocrystal Syntheses
Tamang S, Lincheneau C, Hermans Y, Jeong S and Reiss P
Chemistry of Materials 28 (2016) 2491-2506

Lattice strain and tilt mapping in stressed Ge microstructures using X-ray Laue micro-diffraction and rainbow filtering
Tardif S, Gassenq A, Guilloy K, Pauc N, Osvaldo Dias G, Hartmann J-M, Widiez J, Zabel T, Marin E, Sigg H, et al.
Journal of Applied Crystallography 49 (2016) 1402-1411

The effect of size on the strength of FCC metals at elevated temperatures: annealed copper
Wheeler JM, Kirchlechner C, Micha J-S, Michler J and Kiener D
Philosophical Magazine 96 (2016) 3379-3395

Combining ionic liquid-based electrolytes and nanostructured anatase TiO2 anodes for intrinsically safer sodium-ion batteries
Wu L, Moretti A, Buchholz D, Passerini S and Bresser D
Electrochimica Acta 203 (2016) 109-116