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Publications de l'équipe en 2008

Publié le 4 février 2020
Oligothiophene-functionalized CdSe nanocrystals: preparation and electrochemical properties
Aldakov D, Querner C, Kervella Y, Jousselme B, Demadrille R, Rossitto E, Reiss P, Pron A
Microchimica Acta 160 (2008) 335-344

Acacia stabilized polyaniline dispersions: preparation, properties and blending with poly(vinyl alcohol)
Amarnath CA, Palaniappan S, Rannou P, Pron A
Thin Solid Films 516 (2008) 2928-2933

Interlayer magnetic coupling in Fe/MgO junctions characterized by vector magnetization measurements combined with polarized neutron reflectometry
Bellouard C, Faure-Vincent J, Tiusan C, Montaigne F, Hehn M, Leiner V, Fritzsche H, Gierlings M
Physical Review B 78 (2008) 134429

Volume transition in composite poly(NIPAM)-giant unilamellar vesicles
Campillo CC, Schroder AP, Marques CM, Pepin-Donat B
Soft Matter 4 (2008) 2486-2491

Hybrid materials from diaminopyriminide-functionalized poly(hexylthiophene) and thymine-capped CdSe nanocrystals: Part II - Hydrogen bond assisted layer-by-layer molecular level processing
De Girolamo J, Reiss P, Pron A
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (2008) 8797-8801

Layer-by-layer assembled composite films of side-functionalized poly(3-hexylthiophene) and CdSe nanocrystals: electrochemical, spectroelectrochemical and photovoltaic properties
De Girolamo J, Reiss P, Zagorska M, De Bettignies R, Bailly S, Mevellec JY, Lefrant S, Travers JP, Pron A
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (2008) 4027-4035

Electrochemical sensor for nitrite determination based on thin films of sulfamic acid doped polyaniline deposited on Si/SiO2 structures in electrolyte/insulator/semiconductor (EIS) configuration
Dhaoui W, Bouzitoun M, Zarrouk H, Ben Ouada H, Pron A
Synthetic Metals 158 (2008) 722-726

Proton channels
Diat O, Gebel G
Nature Materials 7 (2008) 13-14

Magnetic field dependent magnetization of a conducting plasticized poly(aniline) film
Djurado D, Pron A, Travers JP, Duque JGS, Pagliuso PG, Rettori C, Chinaglia DL, Walmsley L
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 20 (2008) 285228

Synthesis, electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations of New N-BEDOT derivatives containing anil substituted carbazole subunits
Fabre-Francke I, Zagorska M, Louarn G, Hapiot P, Pron A, Sadki S
Electrochimica Acta 53 (2008) 6469-6476

Water profile determination in a running PEMFC by small-angle neutron scattering
Gebel G, Diat O, Escribano S, Mosdale R
Journal of Power Sources 179 (2008) 132-139

Efficient sensitization of lanthanide luminescence by tetrazole-based polydentate ligands
Giraud M, Andreiadis ES, Fisyuk AS, Demadrille R, Pecaut J, Imbert D, Mazzanti M
Inorganic Chemistry 47 (2008) 3952-3954

Effect of molecular mass on supramolecular organisation of poly(4,4 ''-dioctyl-2,2 ':5 ',2 ''-terthiophene)
Jaroch T, Knor M, Nowakowski R, Zagorska M, Pron A
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (2008) 6182-6189

One-step preparation of solution processable conducting polyaniline by inverted emulsion polymerization using didecyl ester of 4-sulfophthalic acid as multifunctional dopant
John A, Palaniappan S, Djurado D, Pron A
Journal of Polymer Science Part a-Polymer Chemistry 46 (2008) 1051-1057

Tuning of the magnetism in a polyaromatic molecular semi-conductor
Jouini M, Lazerges M, Chelly S, Billon M, Lombard C, Pepin-Donat B, Pernelle C
Synthetic Metals 158 (2008) 681-683

One-step electrochemical modification of carbon nanotubes by ruthenium complexes via new diazonium salts
Jousselme B, Bidan G, Billon M, Goyer C, Kervella Y, Guillerez S, Abou Hamad E, Goze-Bac C, Mevellec JY, Lefrant S
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 621 (2008) 277-285

Nanotubes from gelly vesicles
Kremer S, Campillo C, Pepin-Donat B, Viallat A, Brochard-Wyart F
Epl 82 (2008) 48002

Short-side-chain proton conducting perfluorosulfonic acid ionomers: Why they perform better in PEM fuel cells
Kreuer KD, Schuster M, Obliers B, Diat O, Traub U, Fuchs A, Klock U, Paddison SJ, Maier J
Journal of Power Sources 178 (2008) 499-509

Economic synthesis of high quality InP nanocrystals using calcium phosphide as the phosphorus precursor
Li L, Protiere M, Reiss P
Chemistry of Materials 20 (2008) 2621-2623

One-pot synthesis of highly luminescent InP/ZnS nanocrystals without precursor injection
Li L, Reiss P
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (2008) 11588-11589

Two-dimensional self-assemblies of thiophene-fluorenone conjugated oligomers on graphite: A joint STM and molecular modeling study
Linares M, Scifo L, Demadrille R, Brocorens P, Beljonne D, Lazzaroni R, Grevin B
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (2008) 6850-6859

Fluorenone-Based Molecules for Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photovoltaic Properties
Lincker F, Delbosc N, Bailly S, De Bettignies R, Billon M, Pron A, Demadrille R
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (2008) 3444-3453

Sulfonated Polyimides
Marestin C, Gebel G, Diat O, Mercier R
Fuel Cells Ii 216 (2008) 185-258

Synthesis of homogeneous FePt nanopartictes using a nitrite ligand
Monnier V, Delalande M, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Samson Y, Reiss P
Small 4 (2008) 1139-1142

UV-Vis-NIR spectroelectrochemical and in situ conductance studies of unusual stability of n- and p-doped poly(dimethyldioctylquaterthiophene-alt-oxadiazole) under high cathodic and anodic polarizations
Pomerantz Z, Levi MD, Salitra G, Demadrille R, Fisyuk A, Zaban A, Aurbach D, Pron A
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (2008) 1032-1042

Influence of molecular weight and pH on adsorption of chitosan at the surface of large and giant vesicles
Quemeneur F, Rinaudo M, Pepin-Donat B
Biomacromolecules 9 (2008) 396-402

Influence of polyelectrolyte chemical structure on their interaction with lipid membrane of zwitterionic liposomes
Quemeneur F, Rinaudo M, Pepin-Donat B
Biomacromolecules 9 (2008) 2237-2243

Synthesis of nanoporous conducting polyaniline using ternary surfactant
Saravanan C, Palaniappan S, Chandezon F
Materials Letters 62 (2008) 882-885

Low temperature synthesis of InP nanocrystals
Ung TDT, Tran TTH, Nguyen QL, Reiss P
Materials Chemistry and Physics 112 (2008) 1120-1123