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Publications de l'équipe en 2007

Publié le 4 février 2020
Solution processible and conductive polyaniline via protonation with 4,4-bis(4-hydroxy phenyl)-valeric acid: Preparation and characterization
Amarnath CA, Palaniappan S, Puzari A, Rannou P, Pron A
Materials Letters 61 (2007) 4204-4207

Conducting blends obtained from maleic acid/dodecylhydrogensulfate-doped polyaniline and polyvinyl chloride by solution processing
Amarnath CA, Palaniappan S, Rannou P, Pron A
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 103 (2007) 1113-1119

The synthesis of regio-regular poly(3-alkyl-2,5-thienylene vinylene) derivatives using lithium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide (LHMDS) in the dithiocarbamate precursor
Banishoeib F, Adriaensens P, Berson S, Guillerez S, Douheret O, Manca J, Fourier S, Cleij TJ, Lutsen L, Vanderzande D
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 91 (2007) 1026-1034

Poly (3-hexylthiophene) fibers for photovoltaic applications
Berson S, De Bettignies R, Bailly S, Guillerez S
Advanced Functional Materials 17 (2007) 1377-1384

Elaboration of P3HT/CNT/PCBM composites for organic photovoltaic cells
Berson S, de Bettignies R, Bailly S, Guillerez S, Jousselme B
Advanced Functional Materials 17 (2007) 3363-3370

Fabrication of oriented and periodic hybrid nanostructures of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) and CdSe nanocrystals by directional epitaxial solidification
Brinkmann M, Aldakov D, Chandezon F
Advanced Materials 19 (2007) 3819

Effect of molecular weight on the structure and morphology of oriented thin films of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) grown by directional epitaxial solidification
Brinkmann M, Rannou P
Advanced Functional Materials 17 (2007) 101-108

Responsive viscoelastic giant lipid vesicles filled with a poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) artificial cytoskeleton
Campillo C, Pepin-Donat B, Viallat A
Soft Matter 3 (2007) 1421-1427

Supramolecularly assembled hybrid materials via molecular recognition between diaminopyrimidine-functionalized poly(hexylthiophene) and thymine-capped CdSe nanocrystals
De Girolamo J, Reiss P, Pron A
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (2007) 14681-14688

Core-shell structure of chemically synthesised FePt nanoparticles: a comparative study
Delalande M, Marcoux PR, Reiss P, Samson Y
Journal of Materials Chemistry 17 (2007) 1579-1588

Conjugated alternating copolymer of dialkylquaterthiophene and fluorenone: synthesis, characterisation and photovoltaic properties
Demadrille R, Delbosc N, Kervella Y, Firon M, De Bettignies R, Billon M, Rannou P, Pron A
Journal of Materials Chemistry 17 (2007) 4661-4669

Solution versus solid-state electropolymerization of regioregular conjugated fluorenone-thienylene vinylene macromonomers - voltammetric and spectroelectrochemical investigations
Demadrille R, Zagorska M, Billon M, Louarn G, Lefrant S, Pron A
Journal of solid state electrochemistry 11 (2007) 1051-1058

Fabrication of oligonucleotide chips by using parallel cantilever-based electrochemical deposition in picoliter volumes
Descamps E, Leichle T, Corso B, Laurent S, Mailley P, Nicu L, Livache T, Bergaud C
Advanced Materials 19 (2007) 1816

Spectroscopic properties of thin layers of sulfamic acid-doped polyaniline and their application to reagentless determination of nitrite
Dhaoui W, Zarrouk H, Pron A
Synthetic Metals 157 (2007) 564-569

Adsorption and electronic excitation of biphenyl on Si(100): A theoretical STM analysis
Dubois M, Delerue C, Rubio A
Physical Review B 75 (2007) 041302

In situ pulsed-field gradient NMR determination of the size of oil bodies in vegetable seeds. Analysis of the effect of the gradient pulse length
Guillermo A, Bardet M
Analytical Chemistry 79 (2007) 6718-6726

Synthesis of sulfonated polybenzimidazoles from functionalized monomers: Preparation of ionic conducting membranes
Jouanneau J, Mercier R, Gonon L, Gebel G
Macromolecules 40 (2007) 983-990

Geometry impact on ultrahigh resolution pattern collapse
Jouve A, Simon J, Gonon L, Tortai JH
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 25 (2007) 2504-2507

 Conjugated polymetallorotaxanes containing pentacoordinating units
Kieffer J, Divisia-Blohorn B, Bidan G, Schaffner-Hamann C, Kern JM, Sauvage JP
Comptes Rendus Chimie 10 (2007) 1234-1242

Ferromagnetic spins interaction in poly(m-p-aniline)
Kulszewicz-Bajer I, Gosk J, Pawlowski M, Gambarelli S, Djurado D, Twardowski A
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (2007) 9421-9423

Synthesis of diblock copolymers comprising poly(2-vinylpyridine-co-acrylonitrile) and polystyrene blocks by nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization
Lokaj J, Polikova L, Holler P, Starovoytova L, Stepanek P, Diat O
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 105 (2007) 1616-1622

Growth of rubrene thin film, spherulites and nanowires on SiO2
Luo Y, Brun M, Rannou P, Grevin B
Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 204 (2007) 1851-1855

Probing local electronic transport at the organic single-crystal/dielectric interface
Luo Y, Gustavo F, Henry JY, Mathevet F, Lefloch F, Sanquer M, Rannou P, Grevin B
Advanced Materials 19 (2007) 2267

Water dynamics in ionomer membranes by field-cycling NMR relaxometry
Perrin JC, Lyonnard S, Guillermo A, Levitz P
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 25 (2007) 501-504

Quasielastic neutron scattering study of water dynamics in hydrated nafion membranes
Perrin JC, Lyonnard S, Volino F
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (2007) 3393-3404

Water sorption-desorption in Nafion (R) membranes at low temperature, probed by micro X-ray diffraction
Pineri M, Gebel G, Davies RJ, Diat O
Journal of Power Sources 172 (2007) 587-596

 Alternate copolymer of 3,4-dioctyloxythiophene and 2,2 '-bithiophene: Synthesis, electronic and spectroelectrochemical properties
Pokrop R, Kasprzyk-Mlynarezykl I, Zagorskal M, Wielgus I, Mieczkowski J, VerilhaC JM, Wery J, Louarn G, Pron A
Polish Journal of Chemistry 81 (2007) 731-744

Amine-induced growth of an In2O3 shell on colloidal InP nanocrystals
Protiere M, Reiss P
Chemical Communications 2007 (2007) 2417-2419

Highly luminescent Cd1-xZnxSe/ZnS core shell nanocrystals emitting in the blue-green spectral range
Protiere M, Reiss P
Small 3 (2007) 399-403

Synthesis and characterization of processible polyaniline containing plasticizing dendron-type dopants
Puzari A, Rannou P, Martins S, de Geyer A, Schuster I, Pron A, Palaniappan S
Synthetic Metals 157 (2007) 611-618

Large and giant vesicles "Decorated" with chitosan: Effects of pH, salt or glucose stress, and surface adhesion
Quemeneur F, Rammal A, Rinaudo M, Pepin-Donat B
Biomacromolecules 8 (2007) 2512-2519

ZnSe based colloidal nanocrystals: Synthesis, shape control, core/shell, alloy and doped systems
Reiss P
New Journal of Chemistry 31 (2007) 1843-1852

Stretching effect on Nafion fibrillar nanostructure
Rubatat L, Diat O
Macromolecules 40 (2007) 9455-9462

Optical transitions in polarized CdSe, CdSe/ZnSe, and CdSe/CdS/ZnS quantum dots dispersed in various polar solvents
Thuy UTD, Liem NQ, Thanh DX, Protiere M, Reiss P
Applied Physics Letters 91 (2007) 241908

Structural study of zirconium phosphate-nafion hybrid membranes for high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications
Truffier-Boutry D, De Geyer A, Guetaz L, Diat O, Gebel G
Macromolecules 40 (2007) 8259-8264

Grafting of organoruthenium oligomers on quartz substrates: Synthesis, electrochemistry, optical properties, and AFM investigations
Tschan MJL, Makoudi Y, Cherioux F, Palmino F, Fabre-Francke I, Sadki S, Suss-Fink G
Chemistry of Materials 19 (2007) 3754-3762

Generalized gaussian model for uniaxial rotational motion: Application to the calculation of spectroscopic responses
Volino F, Perrin JC
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (2007) 8746-8761

Determination of transverse water concentration profile through MEA in a fuel cell using neutron scattering
Xu F, Diat O, Gebel G, Morin A
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 154 (2007) B1389-B1398