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Subject of the postdoc

Investigation of ageing mechanisms in commercial batteries by operando neutron/synchrotron scattering/imaging techniques

Financed post-doctoral position.
Published on 10 January 2022

A 36-month post-doctoral position is offered at the Institute of Grenoble Interdisciplinary Research (IRIG, France). IRIG is a joint CEA-UGA fundamental research institute with extended research programs on energy conversion and storage. The post-doctoral position is offered in the framework of a 4-years collaborative project with TotalEnergies/SAFT, dedicated to investigate full Li-ion commercial batteries and provide understanding of reaction & ageing mechanisms by means of operando neutron and synchrotron techniques at world-class Large Scale Facilities, coupled with electrochemical characterizations at CEA and SAFT and modelling at TotalEnergies.

The project aims at 1) investigating cells after few cycles and long-term cycling under different charge regimes, including fast charging, 2) quantifying lithium distribution in active materials and electrolytes, 3) investigating metallic lithium deposits formation mechanism, 4) probing the structural and morphological evolutions during cycling. We will employ diffraction/scattering tools as µXRD (see S. Tardif et al, J. Chem Mat A 2021), SAXS/WAXS (see C. Berhaut et al, ACS Nano 2019; Energy Storage Materials 2020), and advanced 3D techniques as synchrotron tomography and/or neutron imaging. The experiments will be performed on home-made battery cells and/or industrial cells provided by SAFT, on beamlines located at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) and Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble.

Hosting team
The post doctorate fellow will benefit from the know-how gained at IRIG ( over the past years on operando battery characterization and evolve in a multidisciplinary environment (electrochemists, chemists and physicist), he/she will interact also with the industrial partner. Grenoble is an exciting place to live and do science!

Applicant profile
The post doctorate fellow will design/test battery cells for X-ray and/or neutron experiments, perform basic electrochemical characterizations, plan/realize the operando experiments, analyze/interpret the sets of data. We are looking for a physicist and/or electrochemist highly motivated by advanced characterization of nanomaterials. Knowledge in one of the targeted tools is mandatory (neutron imaging, microdiffraction, scattering tomography).
Please join a CV, a cover letter and two recommendation letters. 
Dead-line: 15 Feb. 2022. 

Dr. Sandrine Lyonnard - CEA/Grenoble, DRF/IRIG/SyMMES