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Ultracapacitive Energy storage using 2D nanomaterials under extreme conditions

Jeudi 19 décembre 2019 à 15:00
Salle de séminaire C5-421-A du CEA-Grenoble
Publié le 19 décembre 2019

​Par le Professeur Ho Seok Park
Energy Storage andEnvironmental Materials Lab, School of Chemical Engineering
SungKyunKwan University (SKKU)
Republic of Korea

With increasing demand for high performance energy storage devices, the feasibility of reliable and functional energy storage devices that well operates under extreme conditions is of prime importance for expanding applicative fields as well as for understanding materials’ intrinsic and extrinsic properties and device physics. In this talk, I will introduce the control in the physical structure and chemical composition of 2D nanomaterials for ultracapacitive energy storage devices under limited circumstances, where conditions are classified into thermodynamic (e.g. pressure, volume and temperature) and kinetic (e.g. high rate and frequency) variables. Firstly, I will focus on truly reversible pseudocapacitance of oxidized black phosphorous and their charge storage mechanism. Secondly, I will introduce porous MXene hybrids for large-scale flexible AC filtering energy storage devices with the record high volumetric capacitances.

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