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Publié le 24 novembre 2018


Development of a novel multiplexed optoelectronic nose for analysis of volatile organic compounds

Brenet S, John-Herpin A, Gallat F-X, Buhot A, Livache T, Herrier C, Rousselle T and Hou Y
Proceedings of the ISOCS/IEEE International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose ISOEN (2017)

Real time observation and automated measurement of red blood cells agglutination inside a passive microfluidic biochip containing embedded reagents
Huet M, Cubizolles M and Buhot A
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 93 (2017) 110-117

D-dimer quantification from autologous red blood cells agglutination by a lens-free imaging device
Huet M, Cubizolles M, Pouteau P, Poher V and Buhot A
Procedia Technology 27 (2017) 167-168

Small molecule SPR imaging detection from split aptamer microarrays
Melaine F, Roupioz Y and Buhot A
Procedia Technology 27 (2017) 6-7

Nano-structured optical fiber bundles for remote SPR detection: a first step toward in vivo biomolecular analysis
Vindas K, Engel E, Garrigue P, Livache T, Arbault S, Sojic N and Leroy L
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 10323 (2017) 1032307


First integration steps of Cu-based DNA nanowires for interconnections
Brun C, Carmignani C, Tidiane-Diagne C, Torrengo S, Elchinger PH, Reynaud P, Thuaire A, Cheramy S, Gasparutto D, Tiron R, et al.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging IMAPS 2016 (2016) 650-679

Development of a statistical approach for DNA-based nanowires electrical study
Brun C, Diagne CT, Carmignani C, Torrengo S, Elchinger P-H, Reynaud P, Thuaire A, Cheramy S, Gasparutto D, Tiron R, et al.
Proceedings of the 20th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition: Enabling Technologies for a Better Life and Future EMPC (2016) 7390699

Conception d'un laboratoire sur fibre pour l'analyse in vivo
Vindas K, Engel E, Livache T, Garrigue P, Arbault S, Sojic N and Leroy L
Actes du 7ème colloque Interdisciplinaire en Instrumentation C2i (2016)


Discrimination of Different Foodborne Pathogens onto Carbohydrate Microarrays Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
Bulard E, Bouchet-Spinelli A, Chaud P, Roget A, Calemczuk R, Fort S and Livache T
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices (2015) 121-126

Magnetic Superparamagnetic-like microparticles for cancer cells destruction
Morcrette M, Joisten H, Ortiz G, Lequien S, Sabon P, Carriere M, Hou Y, Bsiesy A and Dieny B
Proceedings of the IEEE International Magnetics Conference INTERMAG 2015 (2015) 7156712

Synthesis of mono disperse magnetic Nanoparticles prepared on Block Copolymer templates for medical imaging techniques
Morcrette M, Tallegas S, Joisten H, Ortiz G, Tiron R, Baron T, Lequien S, Hou Y, Bsiesy A and Dieny B
Proceedings of the IEEE International Magnetics Conference INTERMAG 2015 (2015) 7157440


Landscapes of Taste by a Novel Electronic Tongue for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures

Garçon LA, Hou YJ, Genua M, Buhot A, Calemczuk R, Bonnaffé D, Hou Y and Livache T
Sensor Letters 12 (2014) 1-6


Real time monitoring of thrombin interactions with its aptamers: Insights into the sandwich complex formation

Daniel C, Melaine F, Roupioz Y, Livache T and Buhot A
Biosensors & Bioelectronics 40 (2013) 186-192


Peptide-protein microarrays and surface plasmon resonance detection: Biosensors for versatile biomolecular interaction analysis

Villiers MB, Cortes S, Brakha C, Lavergne JP, Marquette CA, Deny P, Livache T, Marche PN
Biosensors & Bioelectronics 26 (2010) 1554-1559


Local Bio-Sensitization of Nanocrystalline Boron Doped Diamond Surfaces with Biotin Using Electrospotting
Agnès C, Bonnauron M, Omnes F, Arnault JC, Bergonzo P, Nesladek M, Mailley P
Sensor Letters 7 (2009) 872-879

Electrochemical DNA-Hybridisation Detection via Enzymatic Amplification at Microelectrode Array Modified with Polypyrrole-Oligonucleotide Films
Dubuisson E, Chibane A, Grangeat P, Mailley P
Sensor Letters 7 (2009) 880-887

High reactivity and stability of diamond electrodes: The influence of the B-doping concentration
Vanhove E, de Sanoit J, Mailley P, Pinault MA, Jomard F, Bergonzo P
Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 206 (2009) 2063-2069


Transparent diamond-on-glass micro-electrode arrays for ex-vivo neuronal study

Bonnauron M, Saada S, Mer C, Gesset C, Williams OA, Rousseau L, Scorsone E, Mailley P, Nesladek M, Arnault JC, Bergonzo P
Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 205 (2008) 2126-2129


Surface bio-functionalization of boron doped diamond

Bonnauron M, Agnes C, Mailley P, Arnault JC, de Sanoit J, Mer C, Rocha L, Bergonzo P, Nesladek M, Omnes F, Elmazria O
Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 956 (2007) 81-87


A first attempt to enhance the 2-D single-crystal growth of a protein at an air/water interface from hydrodynamics
Drazek L, Legrand JF, Davoust L
Journal of Crystal Growth 275 (2005) e1467-e1472

Interfacing boron doped diamond and biology: An insight on its use for bioanalytical applications
Fortin E, Chane-Tune J, Delabouglise D, Bouvier P, Livache T, Mailley P, Marcus B, Mermoux M, Petit JP, Szunerits S et al.
Electroanalysis 17 (2005) 517-526

Micro-imprinting of oligonucleotides and oligonucleotide gradients on gold surfaces: A new approach based on the combination of scanning electrochemical microscopy and surface plasmon resonance imaging (SECM/SPR-i)
Fortin E, Defontaine Y, Mailley P, Livache T, Szunerits S
Electroanalysis 17 (2005) 495-503